Dialogue with Communist Brazilian Congressman Roberto Freire

Communist Freire suggests that Both Jesus and Karl Marx Deserve to Be Celebrated…

All began with the article “Don’t celebrate Karl Marx. His Communism has a death count in the millions,” which I translated from USA Today. On the 200-year anniversary of the birth of the founder of Marxism, USA Today, which is not usually conservative, urged readers not to celebrate it.

Somehow, Brazilian Congressman Roberto Freire saw this article being shared by me and he said to me on Twitter saying:

Sorry, but that statement does not fit your intelligence. It would be the same as asking not to celebrate Jesus because his religion promoted wars and deaths in history. Not to mention the holy inquisition. Or other prophets of other peoples still today, worldwide. Hugs.”\

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Freire, who has a history of involvement in the Brazilian Communist Party, founded the Popular Socialist Party (PSP). Today, he is a Representative in the Brazilian House of Representatives and the president of the PSP.

Between 2016 and 2017, he was Minister of Culture in Brazil. What kind of culture can a celebrant of Marx bring to Brazil, the largest Catholic nation in the world? In Brazilian politics, mostly Catholic, there are many celebrants of Marx and very few celebrants of Jesus.

My response to the communist Roberto Freire was:

The difference is cosmic. Jesus Christ preached the Gospel, which freed millions of people. In contrast, Karl Marx preached Marxism, which deceived and enslaved millions of people. Compare the Gospel with Marxism for you to see. It is incomparable. Who promoted the Inquisition was not Christ. It was the Catholic Church. Did you know that many true Christians were tortured and killed by the Inquisition? As an evangelical, I represent a part of these victims. Thousands of evangelicals were tortured and killed by the Inquisition.

To see the conversation between me and Roberto Freire on Twitter below:

Perhaps Freire thought that every Christian defends the Inquisition and that every Christian is a Catholic. The greatest advocate of the Inquisition in Brazil is pseudo-Catholic Olavo de Carvalho, whose spiritualist movie “The Garden of Afflictions” was boycotted by filmmakers in Pernambuco. Freire strongly criticized the boycott, calling the boycotters Stalinists. Although this film was released in New York in 2017, it did not make any success and did not draw the American public.

Perhaps Freire thought that Carvalho’s advocacy of the Inquisition represents Christianity. But if he thinks that the Inquisition committed crimes (and it actually did), why did he defend Carvalho?

Freire could not distinguish that what Jesus did and what the Catholic Church did are vastly different universes. Jesus never created an inquisition to torture and kill people who did not accept the Gospel. Therefore, when the Catholic Church, which claims to represent Christ on earth, created the Inquisition, it was in disobedience to the Gospel. Whether she wanted to or not, she represented Satan on earth by torturing and killing Jews and Protestants.

However, how could Freire criticize the Catholic Church? The overwhelming majority of Brazilians who became Marxists were Catholic and were influenced in this direction within the Catholic Church. Historically, the Catholic Church in Brazil, which is a champion of Liberation Theology, is a great facilitator of Marxism.

Had it not been for Catholicism, Freire and millions of Brazilians would never have become Marxists. And to make matters worse, many Catholics who are becoming right-winger have become stridently pro-Inquisition. They go from an extreme to another and, in both cases, they are very far from Jesus.

There is an immense difference not only between Jesus and Marx, but also between Jesus, who never created the Inquisition nor facilitated Marxism, and the Catholic Church, which created the Inquisition in the past and today facilitates Marxism in Brazil and throughout Latin America.

To celebrate Marx is to celebrate slavery and death. To celebrate Jesus is to celebrate deliverance and salvation.

Portuguese version of this article: Dialogo de um comunista: Dep. Roberto Freire sugere que tanto Jesus quanto Karl Marx merecem ser celebrados

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