DeVos Defends Funding Cuts to Special Olympics

The Special Olympics USA was founded in 1968 as part of the global Special Olympics.

They are a special event solely for those individuals with intellectual, mental and physical disorders.

In 2018, over 4,000 individuals competed in the US Special Olympics, but Special Olympics reaches around 272,000 Americans with special needs. 

The next US Special Olympics will be held in June 2022 in Orlando, Florida.

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Or will it?

In an effort to cut government spending, the Trump administration has cut funding to a number of programs, including the Special Olympics, a move that is being defended by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

The Hill – Betsy DeVos defends Special Olympics budget cuts: ‘We had to make some difficult decisions’ – Education Secretary Betsy DeVos defended budget cuts to programs including the Special Olympics on Tuesday.

Appearing before a House subcommittee Tuesday to review the department’s proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year, DeVos said, “We had to make some difficult decisions.”

DeVos’s remarks came in response to questions from Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.), who pressed her on the amount of kids the budget cut would impact.

“I don’t know the number of kids,” DeVos said before Pocan answered that 272,000 kids would be impacted.

“I think Special Olympics is an awesome organization, one that is well supported by the philanthropic sector as well,” DeVos said…

The federal budget cut is calling for cutting about $18 million from the Special Olympics.

Cutting funding to any project is never easy, but when spending cuts are mandated as should be with our federal government, any decision to cut funds from any projects, programs or agencies, is hard and will be met with resistance.

Democrats and sewagestream media will certainly spin needed budget cuts of the Special Olympics or any other program, into something showing how heartless and cruel the Trump administration is.

On a smaller scale, I’ve had to cut budgets when in management of a large retail store and it’s never fun, never easy and will always hurt someone, but when the money isn’t there, one has to cut the spending to match what money there is and this is something the federal government should have been doing long ago. 



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