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Wednesday night on my radio show we spent some time talking to Carmen LaBerge, one of the conservative lay leaders fighting to save what’s left of the Presbyterian Church USA, which met yesterday to decide it will embrace immorality and redefine marriage.

This is the latest denomination to assert it’s god and God is not, which means if recent history is any indication it’s already on borrowed time. Embracing homosexuality is not the reason the salt has lost its flavor and is tossed out to be trampled under foot, but a symptom of that happening. Rather, it’s the reasons a denomination goes bad that leads it to accept as right that which God clearly says is wrong.

For example, Wednesday night Carmen told me that when the PC-USA denominational leaders wanted to cherry-pick the verses that backed up their Marxist agenda (they literally debated something called “food sovereignty”), their Bibles were wide open. All out of context, of course.

However, when the talk came to sexuality and God’s design for marriage they literally closed their Bibles. 

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After closing their Bibles, it should come as no surprise the leadership of the PC-USA then adopted an ideology the Bible expressly condemns and opposes. It even went so far as to openly encourage its ministry leaders to defy God in public by affirming relationships the God of the Bible explicitly forbids.

In its neverending quest to promote victimology, the media wants you to believe that finding homosexuality icky is what causes folks like me to leave these churches, when they suffer the inevitable membership decline from going down the Rainbow Road. But the exact opposite is true. Denominations like the PC-USA were already losing faithful Christians for years before they pounded the final nail into their own coffin yesterday.

This denomination has already split multiple times over Biblical authority. Once the splits and declines start over the real issue — Biblical authority — that’s when you see these denominations become the church of Sodom & Gomorrah. Once most of those who still desire to follow the only true, living God’s Holy Word are out of the way.

I’m sure the leaders of the PC-USA fancy themselves “open minded.” Then by all means, share with the rest of by whose authority can you impose your own standard on which parts of God’s Word to continue to obey, and which parts can now be ignored? Where did such authority for you to replace a syllable of what the Bible has to say come from? Where do you derive such authority to impose your views on everyone else?

This all sounds suspiciously familiar. Where have we heard this before?

From the devil himself. 

“Did God really say” is the original question posed by Satan that prompts the ushering of evil into this now fallen world. And like their father, the devil, the leaders of the PC-USA are now parroting his words in our day. The only thing missing is the serpent’s forked tongue.

Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place. Revelation 2:5 

Those of you who think these issues don’t apply to you, but you believe in “liberty” nonetheless, take careful note of the agenda this “church” is replacing the Word of God with. It’s all Marxism/Statism. For the same people peddling this immorality are the same people trying to take away your individual liberty, because it’s all one inclusive worldview.

Which also explains why the people that founded liberty in this country were Christians, all of the original 13 colonies that fought for liberty were founded by Christian denominations, and why today you find yourself fighting alongside Christians for your liberty now. Because that’s an inclusive worldview, too. You cannot have both immorality and liberty. You will have one or the other, but you can’t have both.

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Steve Deace
Steve Deace is one of the "Heavy Hundred" talk show hosts in America according Talkers Magazine. His influence in the first in the nation Iowa Caucuses has been profiled in much of the national media, and he's also a columnist for The Washington Times. His new book, out now and endorsed by a who's who of conservative leaders, is titled Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again.

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