Dems Won Battles, But Republicans Won Bigger Victories

Most of conservative Americans are mourning the loss of the House to Democrats in this year’s midterm elections.

At the beginning of the year, Democrats were confident that they would win control of both the House and Senate as well as many governships.

Democrats raised nearly $1 billion dollars, a large increase over the 2014 midterms and which was more than Republicans raised.  

As the year waned on, their blue tidal wave shrunk to smaller waves that only impacted smaller areas of the country.

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In other words, Democrats may have won more congressional districts, but Republicans won states which can be considered to be bigger victories.

The Washington Standard – Some dubbed 2016 the Flight 93 election. 2018 was the Kavanaugh election.

The Democrats raised $950 million to take the House and another $513 million to take the Senate. They boosted their spending by 44% while Republican spending only rose by 21% since the last midterms. With that much at stake, just as in the Kavanaugh nomination, the Democrats used every dirty trick.

Republicans were harassed, threatened, assaulted and even shot. The media accused them of racism, sexism and treason. No smear was too low. No accusation too improbable. And some of them worked.

Before the election, these tactics exploded in the Kavanaugh hearings. And so did the backlash.

Democrat senators in red and reddish states, Donnelly, Heitkamp, McCaskill, and Nelson, who joined the lynch mob against Kavanaugh lost their seats. Senator Manchin who voted for Kavanaugh, kept his.

Republicans scored in the Senate, the body at the center of the Kavanaugh battle, but fell in the House, which had remained on the sidelines. There are structural reasons why Republicans were vulnerable in the House, but had more options in the Senate. But there was also a huge difference in perceptions…

While some believe that the Democrat victories in the House may not have been as big as the Republican victories at the state level, but having control of the House is nothing to sneeze at.

House Democrats, come January, promise to be a royal pain in the proverbial posterior of President Donald Trump and Republicans.

Sometimes, the smaller victories can be just as or more important than the bigger victories, but only time will tell.



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