Dems Wanting to Tax Beer, Wealthy, Groceries & RAIN

The history of the Democratic Party has been that of taxes.

They love raising taxes and creating as many new taxes as possible.

This goes with their socialist mentality of stealing from the everyone and giving it to the poor and filling their own pockets.

Did you know that after Obama promised NOT to raise any taxes, that there were 20 new taxes hidden in the 2,000 plus pages of the Affordable Care Act?

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Socialist Democrats today are calling for ending most of the Republican tax breaks, especially those for businesses, corporations and the wealthy.

Across the nation, Democrats are wanting to again raise and create taxes on anything from the wealthy, to beer, groceries and even the rain.

Fox News – Empowered Dems flex muscle with host of new tax proposals – Newly empowered Democrats in Washington and statehouses across the country are flexing their legislative muscle with a host of tax proposals that would affect billionaires and blue collar alike.

From D.C. to Sacramento, the controversial levies include everything from a “wealth tax” to new charges on ammunition and groceries. Some of these are meant as a deterrent against certain kinds of purchases — like guns and ammo — while others are intended to help pay for ambitious new programs.

Here are just some of the proposals being considered since the start of the New Year:

Wealth Tax

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who is about to formally launch her Democratic presidential campaign, has proposed a 2 percent tax on net worth above $50 million and a 3 percent tax on net worth above $1 billion. The proposal is unique in that it targets assets and not income, and has already faced some constitutional questions.

While critics also note it would be difficult to enforce since it would require the government to value assets, the proposal would be estimated to affect about 75,000 households…

Democrats are calling for raising the national estate tax on the wealthy so much that it would give the government control of their businesses and companies.

They also want to tax the wealthy by as much as 90% so they can give it to the poor and those who don’t want to work to earn it.

Not only is this a fallacious socialist lie, but all it accomplishes is eliminating the wealthy, except for the government elite and creating an entire nation of people that are so reliant on the government that in essence, they are slaves to the government.


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