Dems Want to Provide Tons of Benefits to Illegal Aliens

I’ve reported a number of times recently that illegal aliens currently in the US cost US taxpayers $165 BILLION a YEAR.

If Democrats in Congress get their way, we taxpayers will be paying out a whole lot more than just $165 billion a year for all of the benefits and costs of having so many illegal aliens in the United States.

Democrats want to revive an Obama-era program that would provide healthcare, housing, transportation and legal aid INSTEAD of being kept in detention centers.

It’s okay for American citizens to be detained in jails and such if they commit a crime, but not okay for illegal aliens, at least in the eyes of Democrats.  

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Washington Examiner – Democrats push to revive Obama-era aid to illegal immigrants in border talks – House Democrats are pushing hard to revive an Obama-era program that would keep illegal immigrant families out of detention and instead give them housing, transportation, healthcare, and legal aid to help them claim asylum in the U.S.

President Trump ended the Family Case Management Program in June 2017, citing excessive costs and the low rate of enrolled families returning to their home countries.

House Democrats want to bring it back to life in some form as part of an effort to reduce the detention of illegal immigrants and instead release them in the United States with some supervision. And they are hoping to negotiate that change in the ongoing border security talks between the two parties.

Specifically, Democrats want $30.5 million added to the family case management budget within the Department of Homeland Security. They also hope family detentions can be phased out this year…

Democrats are only asking for $30.5 million to added to the budget to take care of illegal aliens, what about the numerous migrant caravans currently on their way here or the ones that will soon be forming?

Besides, as we know from most government programs, if they claim they only need $30.5 million that the real cost will be closer to $50 million to $70 million, and that’s not necessarily including the thousands of illegals that will be heading our way.

If Democrats would just approve the $5.7 billion for the wall and allow the Trump administration to deport as many illegals as possible, it could save us taxpayers over $100 BILLION a YEAR and there is a lot that Congress could do with $100 billion, like putting it towards the national debt.



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