Dems Want to Expand Russia Probe Because No Evidence Yet Found

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been investigating the allegations of collusion between Donald Trump and his campaign with Russia, for nearly 21 months.

To date, he has indicted a handful of Trump associates, but mostly for crimes not directly related to the original scope of Mueller’s appointed task.

As for Trump, Mueller has evidently not found any evidence with which to indict Trump or even smear his name.

However, that is not good enough for Democrats as they are trying to ramp and expand the Mueller probe, hoping that Mueller will somehow find something – anything – with which to indict Trump with.

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The National Sentinel – Mueller be damned: House Dems planning to dramatically expand ‘Russia’ probe despite NO evidence of ‘collusion’ – Twice this week, Americans have learned there is nothing — literally nothing — to the bogus “Trump-Russia collusion” narrative that Democrats and the Washington establishment have been pushing now for more than two years.

On Tuesday, we reported that POTUS Donald Trump’s former top White House lawyer, John Dowd, who says he is intimately familiar with everything that Robert Mueller has, including all of his witnesses and evidence, does not believe the special counsel will issue a final public report because he hasn’t found anything at all to suggest the 2016 Trump campaign worked with Mother Russia to “steal the election” from Hillary Clinton, or that Trump himself is a Manchurian candidate acting on behalf of Vladimir Putin.

In a far-ranging interview for the first episode of “The Investigation,” a new podcast that focuses on Mueller’s investigation, defense attorney John Dowd told ABC News he believes the high-profile, massive, two-year probe into alleged Trump-Russia “collusion” to “steal” the 2016 election was “a terrible waste of time.” …

In 21 months, the Mueller investigation has cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars for what?

Any continuation or expansion of the Mueller probe will cost taxpayers even more thousands of dollars.

President Trump is right in that this is nothing more than a witch hunt and a very expensive one in money, time and political unrest and it’s time to stop to end it, now!



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