Dems Push to Destroy Millions of Jobs While Trump Sees Record Job Growth

Barack Obama set a record for jobs but it’s not one that he or Democrats brag about.

During Obama’s reign of socialist tyranny, America saw a record number of consecutive months with unemployment over 8%.

Within a couple of months of Donald Trump taking office, unemployment fell as hundreds of thousands of new jobs were created.

Amidst Trump’s record job growth and the current economic boon, Democrats are determined to push measures that will kill hundreds of thousands of jobs, just because it’s the socialist thing to do.

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The National Sentinel – As POTUS Trump’s policies create record job growth, Dems’ push to force higher minimum wages will undo those gains – The turnaround in stock market and employment gains since Donald Trump became president are both remarkable and record-setting, with Americans across all demographics doing much better economically.

The effects of a two-prong approach — cutting corporate and personal income taxes as well as repealing job-killing, economy-burdening regulations and ‘free trade’ agreements — has resulted in low unemployment, business growth, and wealth creation for working-class Americans via retirement investments in the stock market.

But Democrats continue working to reverse these gains by introducing or passing legislation that saps economic growth, suppresses business expansion, raises unemployment, increases poverty and relegates more Americans to federal assistance, most notably through mandatory hikes in wages.

The concept is simple to explain and, when explained, easy for most Americans to understand: If you force a business to pay more to a worker than his or her job is worth or that the business can afford to pay and remain viable, businesses are either going to close or lay off workers, and in doing so, cut back on benefits as well, which are factored in as part of an employee’s pay package…

Raising the minimum wage has been tried in Democrat controlled cities like Seattle and it was a disaster.

Many employees saw their hours cut so much that with a higher minimum wage, they were making less money than before.

Others lost their jobs as employers laid off workers in order to pay the higher wage.

Many restaurants were forced to raise their prices because of the minimum wage, which resulted in fewer customers.

Actually, destroying jobs falls right into the Democrats’ socialist plan as it forces more people to become reliant on the government for help and thus become the economic slaves of a socialist regime.



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