Dems Need to Fix Border Crisis or Allow Trump to Do It

Not that many years ago, many of the senior Democrats in Congress voted to fund the building of a border wall.

During the tenures of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, Democrats had no problem nor any complaints about detained illegal alien families being separated while in detention.

Back then, Democrats were not yet bold enough to push to allow illegal aliens to vote, as they have in the 2016 and 2018 elections.

Today, Democrats are openly advocating allowing illegal aliens to vote and suddenly, the border wall, detention and deportation of illegal aliens are a major issue because Democrats see most of them as their voters.

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Consequently, they regularly deny that any crisis exists at the border and they refuse to allow President Trump to resolve the crisis.

New York Post – Democrats need to help fix the border crisis or get out of Trump’s way – Even the most partisan Democrats are hard-pressed at this point to deny that the border crisis President Trump has long been warning about actually exists.

Yet that hasn’t stopped them from reflexively denouncing pretty much any action he takes — without suggesting any solution or ideas of their own.

Trump is threatening to close all or part of the US border with Mexico, mainly the 50 legal crossing points. (It’s been done before, by three other presidents.)

This after the White House announced plans to cut off some $500 million in aid to the Northern Triangle countries — Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador — that are the major source of what officials call an “unsustainable” flood of asylum seekers. The president is also looking at naming an “immigration czar” to manage the crisis…

I agree that Democrats either need to help fix the problem or get out of Trump’s way so he can address the crisis.

One way to do it is to charge every politician who interferes with law enforcement officials doing their duty to enforce federal and state immigration laws, with crimes.

They should charge them with obstruction of justice and interfering with a law enforcement officer doing his/her duty.

This includes every politician who votes for sanctuary status and those who refuse to take action or block Trump from taking action to secure the border.

In fact, for those supporting sanctuary city/county/state, they should be charged with both of those crimes for EVERY illegal in their jurisdiction. (there are about 3 million illegals in California all being protected and that means a lot of charges)

Just imagine thousands of Democratic politicians in jail, all at the same time.



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