Democrats Who Gave $150 Billion to Iran Pleads Poverty for Not Funding Border Wall

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised the American people that he would secure the border, build a border wall and strive to make America safer.

From people I’ve spoken to over the past 2 years, that was one of the main reasons they voted for Trump.

Yet, Democrats have fought securing the border and building a border wall every step of the way.

As President Trump threatens to shutdown the government and use military troops to build the wall (the best idea yet), Democrats are complaining they don’t have the money to fund the border wall.

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However, many of the same Democrats, especially the Democratic leaders in the House and Senate, are the ones who helped Barack Obama give $150 billion to Iran, a country that has sworn to destroy the United States and Israel.

The National Sentinel – Democrats pleading poverty when it comes to funding Trump’s wall but didn’t bat an eye when Obama paid off the Iranians – Priorities: Politics is a blood sport and politicians are hypocrites and neither of these facts is in dispute.

But sometimes the lying and hypocrisy reach a critical level and must be pointed out for the good of the country. This is one of those times.

Earlier this week, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., met with POTUS Donald Trump in the Oval Office for a highly anticipated public discussion about funding for the president’s long-sought U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Most seasoned politicos never really believed that anything productive was going to come of those talks given that a) POTUS Trump appears dead-set on getting his funding and b) No Democrat is going to vote to give the president one red cent in border funding because the party of the donkey has become the party of open borders

Democrats can insist on spending half a billion dollars every year for the first-degree murder of innocent unborn babies.

They spend hundreds of millions of dollars to save the environment, but not to  protect the American people.

Thanks to Democrats, American taxpayers are paying over $100 billion a year to provide all the many services and benefits for illegal aliens, but they won’t spend $5 billion to secure the border.

Democrats will spend hundreds of millions of dollars to fight illegal drugs and the opioid epidemic but they won’t spend any money to build a border wall and  secure the border which would stop a great deal of the illegal drug trafficking causing the opioid overdose epidemic.

It’s obvious that Democrats have the wrong priorities all the way around, which is why we cannot allow them regain control of the country.



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