Democrats Seem Contradictory About Trump Sending Illegals to Sanctuary Cities

Democrats have spent over a decade doing everything to protect illegal aliens and keep them in the United States.

They have even abandoned the national security of our nation and the safety of the American people to protect illegal aliens and keep them in the United States.

Democrats are the ones that have forced federal officials to release thousands of illegal aliens onto the streets of America while awaiting their deportation or immigration hearings.

So, when President Trump threatens to send the released illegal aliens to the sanctuary cities established by Democrats to protect them, they instantly start complaining and making all kinds of irrational claims about Trump and his actions.

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Democrats are protesting the move to ship illegals to sanctuary cities, calling it illegal, immoral and worse, but then some of the mayors of sanctuary cities say they will welcome the illegals.

Breitbart – Sanctuary Cities Welcome Illegal Aliens with ‘Open Arms’ While 38K American Veterans Remain Homeless – Sanctuary cities across the United States are responding to President Donald Trump’s threat to bus border crossers and illegal aliens to their jurisdictions, saying they plan to welcome all illegal immigration with “open arms” despite soaring homelessness problems.

Last week, Trump threatened to bus border crossers and illegal aliens into sanctuary cities and states, like California and New York City, if the country’s asylum laws were not changed. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Sunday confirmed that the White House is considering the plan.

“The USA has the absolute legal right to have apprehended illegal immigrants transferred to Sanctuary Cities,” Trump posted on Twitter over the weekend. “We hereby demand that they be taken care of at the highest level, especially by the State of California, which is well known or it’s poor management & high taxes!” …

If in fact, sanctuary cities, like Chicago and others in California, are welcoming thousands of illegal aliens being released from detainment, then it shows just how little these Democrats care about the American people, especially those who served our country in the military.

Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars helping illegal aliens, shouldn’t their priority be to homeless veterans?

Many of these sanctuary cities can’t even afford to take care of their own, let alone protecting illegal aliens, regardless if they are already there or the ones that Trump threatens to send them.

Through it all, we see that Democrats are confused and contradictory on what they want and what they don’t want.



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