Democrats Preparing House Committees for War Against Trump

From the minute that it was announced to the nation that Donald Trump had won enough Electoral College votes to secure the presidency, Democrats announced their plans to  fight against him at every opportunity they had.

The line was instantly drawn and Democrats were not about to step the tiniest toe across that line.

Since that time, the line has become a huge chasm of division which seems to be pitting Democrats who  want to destroy America on one side and Republicans who are trying to save America on the other.

While many people are calling on President Trump to fill in the chasm and bridge the divide between the two rival parties, it’s clear that Democrats are preparing for all out war against Trump.

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Liberty Nation – A large part of what Congress does takes place at the committee level. The majority party in each of the two chambers – Senate and House of Representatives – controls those committees through party members holding the respective committee chairs. When the 116th Congress convenes at the beginning of 2019, the Democratic Party will assume control of the committees in the House of Representatives and, through those committees, will influence and guide most of what goes on in the House. This has enormous implications for not only the legislative agenda but for how successful President Donald Trump will be in pursuing his agenda over the next two years.

A look at who is likely to chair the various committees reveals what Democrats can and will do to affect America’s political and economic future until the next election in November 2020. Specifically, all spending bills originate in the House, meaning the Democratic Party now, effectively, controls the federal government’s purse strings.

No Wall? Blame Democrats

The House of Representatives divides its areas of purview between 20 committees, with most of those having numerous sub-committees. While the majority party holds the committee chair, the opposition party’s most senior member on the committee is known as the ranking member and, in most cases, it is the current ranking Democrat on each committee who will take over as chairman in the new Congress…

There have been a number of occasions since Trump took office when he reached across the party lines in hopes of getting Democrats to work with him and Republicans.

However, it was clear that Democrats had no intention of ever working with Trump on anything.

The Democrats will continue to wide the chasm of division within America and then blame Republicans for the division they are causing.

They did that when Barack Obama was occupying the White House and they continue to put their blame on others.

If only the Democratic Party would collapse and go the way of the Whig Party, once and for all.


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