All the Democrats Have to Offer is Intellectual Nonsense

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There has been a lot of excellent commentary in the wake of the story about L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racist comments — here are two good examples that shouldn’t be missed.

First up, Andrew Klavan:

Personally? I think racism — true racism: the devaluation of people because of their skin color or bloodlines — is an intellectual nonsense and a moral transgression.

The arguments about dysfunction in minority communities won’t wash, and neither will any of the half-baked genetic claptrap. Read Zola or Dickens and you’ll see that the pathologies of industrial poverty are no different in today’s inner cities than they were in the slums of the past. Read the racist tracts from those days and you’ll find the same hateful pseudo-scientific theorizing about the Irish and the Jews that is now sometimes turned against blacks or Mexicans. With leftists constantly mouthing charges of racism to silence the opponents of their destructive policies, it’s easy for real racists to convince themselves they’ve got the contrarian inside track on some naughty, censored truth. Sorry, it’s all a bunch of old trash.

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Second, Rush Limbaugh:

I’m gonna make a prediction to you. Brendan Eich, Mozilla, gay marriage, we got the Sterling thing. This is all the Democrats have to get vote turnout in November. Every policy initiative, every idea of theirs is crashing, including their president. The New York Times, Maureen Dowd has even now written a piece about the lack of manliness of Barack Obama.  Maureen, you’re six years too late. This is the kind of stuff you should have ferreted out in 2007 and 2008.  It’s no big deal for you to figure this out six years into this mess.

Everything that the Democrat Party has touched is falling apart. The only thing they’ve got that can give them any hope of winning an election is War on Women, racism, gay rights, gay marriage. So you wait. Every two, three weeks there’s gonna be a story like this.

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