Democrats Implode in Louisiana

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Ali Akbar, Anita Moncrief and other activists with the Black Conservatives Fund have been making a huge difference in Louisiana during the final weeks of the campaign leading up to Saturday’s election that will end the Senate career of Democrat Mary Landrieu.

However, as much credit as is certainly due to BCF, the real credit goes to the Democrats themselves, who simply weren’t ready for primetime once Ali’s crew showed up to expose their corruption. Take a look at this headline Monday from the London Daily Mail:

‘Go vote again tomorrow’: Video shows Louisiana mayor whose son is Sen. Mary Landrieu’s chief of staff encouraging voter fraud as final US Senate contest’s runoff election draws near

The story of how BCF got that video is very interesting, but the real problem for Democrats is that they’ve been getting away with this stuff so long they don’t even know it’s wrong. Decades of habitual corruption — and Louisiana is a cesspool of crooked politics, the Chicago of the South — have this effect of making Democrats utterly shameless.

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So how does Senator Mary Landrieu feel about all of this?

“I looked at the video, it was in a bar room, you know, on a stage, people were having a good time. It seemed to me to be a joke” explains Landrieu.

When they’re exposed, they don’t know how to react.

The staff of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu and the Democrat Party continues to use black protesters but constantly stops them from speaking. Now two new videos show a white union supporter of Landrieu tell a black activist, Anita MonCrief, to “go down on Bill [Cassidy],” Landrieu’s opponent, and another black supporter of Landrieu tells MonCrief she is “pretty much” an uppity negro.

The Democrat Party is a political disease caused by a virus of selfishness that spreads through lies. The only known cure is truth.

Louisiana Runoff Polling Looks ‘Ugly’ For Landrieu

Damn, Andrew Breitbart would be so proud to see this day. After Saturday’s election, there won’t be anything left of the Democrat Party in Louisiana but a vast smoldering crater of failure and fear.

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