Democrats Can No Longer Hide That Goals of Pro-Choicers, is Convenient Homicide: Not About a “Blob of Cells”

Nothing has turned my stomach more, than when the cameras turned to the Democratic Party during President Trump’s recent address the nation.

For years, since Roe vs Wade or even earlier, the Pro-Choice movement has coupled fetal-development arguments with women’s rights, for the rights to terminate babies lives in the womb. I mean, ask anyone on the street (when alone), the argument almost always finishes with this thought: Is it a baby or is it just a blob of cells? The reason why women’s rights takes a back seat (or did), is because there is no way against arguing that the developing baby inside, is a separate life from it’s mother. Science confirms, that the life within the mother, is a separate being. But when anyone wants to become all Social Justice Warrior (in public), the reason for murdering babies reverts back to this false reasoning of somehow protecting the mother’s rights. But when it comes down to the crunch, and it suddenly becomes obvious, that this indeed is a separate life inside the mother, opponents of “life”, argue that the baby is nothing more than a blob of cells (which too is a load of garbage, but somehow becomes the more acceptable lie to champion). Well, gentle reader, let me affirm, those days are over.

The Left can no longer ride on the fetal development argument. When New York decided that (like the oh-so-pacifistic Canadians) a baby could be ripped from the womb at full-term and murdered, the issue of woman rights, and especially of fetal-development, went right down the toilet. Thank you, gutless Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The display of supposed support of “women’s suffrage”, by the female members of the Democratic Party of the United States of America, was not a display of human rights, but a confession of serial-killer tendencies. No! Those women clad in white outfits, by visibly showing their despising of President Trump’s support for rights of the babies in the womb (yes even female babies), showed us that it is not (and never has been) about “a blob of cells”, or the rights of female citizens. Rather, it is just simply about the convenience to narcissistically feed their wants, much like a dog eats its own vomit.

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All the cards have been laid out on the table. There are no arguments that could leave a person pondering, or wondering if they are missing a part of the argument. It’s straight up MURDER. It’s no different than a person taking a gun, standing in front of the Senate, and saying:

“In the name of the women’s suffrage movement, I hereby exercise my right to kill this child.” 

It’s no different at all. What we have here now, is a group of people, who sit in power, who say that it’s ok to kill children.

What’s worse, is the connection between other really-wrong-movements and the child-murder industry (and believe me, it is an industry…big money is made). Take for instance the euthanasia debauchery. As they slowly pick away at who can kill themselves, where they can kill themselves and especially at what age people can kill themselves a legitimate connection is being made to the abortion industry. For instance, who can kill themselves is strengthening the Who can kill someone else movement. Euthanasia advocates are constantly in conversation with extremists who ask the question: Can we euthanize (murder) someone without their consent? Using such argument such as “what if the person is unresponsive, non-coherent, or very lacking in development? Can the government step in and euthanize them? Obviously one can see the connections to the abortion sector, where discussion about selective abortion have become regular and implemented at the choice of the parent.

Of course, the abortion industry has aided the euthanasia abomination by slow-cooking people’s psyches into accepting the lie, that someone should be able to decide whether a person is convenient to be in their lives or not. Baby is not convenient, flush them with women’s suffrage argument, or blob of cells lie. A person is old and their quality of life is not that of a music mogul’s (plus they’re eating my inheritance away), so let’s turn the lights off (of course, for their sake)Euthanasia then lends a hand to the abortion industry, showing us that if we can take a fully developed life away, then we should definitely consider looking at those inconveniently born babies (let’s give them a shelf life).

It goes on and on. One industry of murder aids the other. We heard before euthanasia was legalized in Canada, “It’s a slippery slope into Hell if we let euthanasia happen!”, and boy were they right. When does it end? (Probably with killing those pesky Christians, who defend babies).

My friend’s pastor had a great thought (and it’s totally Tree-Hugger; Social Justice Warrior): What if Republican politicians, threw blood on the white outfits of those in support of child murder, as a witness against what they are really supporting? Hmmmm.

Like in other articles I have written, it’s important to see just where this kind of common sense and ignoring of morality comes from. I can’t dance around this in soft little unoffending terms or illustrations. Who does the Bible say was a murderer from the beginning? Satan. It’s a fact that these people, unknowingly (and even some knowingly) have sold their souls to be likedThe Limelight is a dangerous thing. Once in it, it’s hard to let go. You find this with musicians and those in the entertainment industry (who are among the most outspoken when it comes to murdering children). They sell their soul for someone to like them (which usually leads to financial gain). Politicians are no different. The left-leaning politicians have proven to be willing to be as decrepit as Henry Morgentaler or Kermit Gosnell; no differenceAnd it’s all done in the name of popularity and financial gain (AKA greed). They are just doing what their father satan wants them to do. John 8:44 says that satan is a liar and a murderer. Hmmm, what are these people doing? They lie about babies in the womb (their value, their being human), and once the world gets hypnotized into believing them, they legislate the murder of these precious souls. Satan lies and murders; his children lie and murder. One plus one equals two; it’s simple math for those with their eyes open.

So what do we do?

We pray, as always, that the hypnosis of lies, murder, and greed become exposed and that people awake to these fallacies (and then, put faith into action..and get loud in opposition). We pray the church gets off its arse and actually gets loud. The lie of praying that people make the right decisions concerning life, and only doing so, is a popular way for Christians to keep quiet and live in apathy. It’s supported by some big names in Christendom (in an effort to not offend and continue the streams of givers). It’s the equivalent of having someone come to kill your family, and you just drop to your knees and pray that a transformation in the killer’s heart, right there and then (hopefully they’ll stop). Yes, I’ve heard of situations like this, but for the most part only an idiot or coward would not pick up a dining-room chair and defend his wife and kids. Protect your family like a good steward of what God has blessed you with, would do. So too, protect the babies that God knit together in their mother’s wombs (Psalm 139:13). God has a plan for each and every child. God’s Wish is for them to live, ignore that, and you turn a blind eye to God’s Will.


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JG Smoothy is a musician and the writer of UNDERSTANDING THIS JESUS THING. He has one wonderful wife and three crazy children. JG is a pastor in Southern Alberta Canada and is in the middle of yet another book writing project.

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