Democrats’ Banana Republic Tactics Led to Mueller Probe [VIDEO]

Prior to and during the confirmation hearing of William Barr for Attorney General, he was asked more than once if he would investigate Hillary Clinton or charge her with any crimes involving her use of a private unsecured email server while she was Secretary of State.

Barr answered that he would entertain the possibility of investigating the Clinton Foundation for tax issues, but that he did not believe in taking any legal action against President Trump’s political opponents. He said doing so would reduce the United States to being nothing more than a banana republic.

Barr’s response is one reason I opposed his confirmation as Attorney General. I believe that our leaders should be held to the same legal standards that the rest of us are held to. In fact, our leaders, given their position, should actually be held to a higher standard than the general public and therefore, if they committed any crime, then they should be held accountable for that crime or crimes. Barr’s response basically says that any political foe can do whatever they want, regardless of the legality without fear of being arrested, tried or convicted.

And that appears to be the attitude of President Donald Trump’s political foes as has been recently revealed. Sharyl Attkisson of Full Measure recently former prosecutor Sidney Powell about what she knows what Trump’s foes have been up to. Here is part of that interview:

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From Trump associate Roger Stone.. to former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and ex-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, the Trump-Russia probe has indicted or convicted 34 people so far. And although Special Counsel Robert Mueller has yet to publicly pinpoint illegal Russia collusion on Trump’s part he’s still looking. Meantime, former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell is making an explosive allegation. She’s among those who believe there’s now compelling evidence pointing to a parallel scandal.

Sharyl: In the simplest of terms if possible, what do you think is the story that’s been uncovered in the past two years?

Sidney Powell: That the entire Russia collusion narrative was made up. That the FBI and the intelligence community and the Department of Justice began an investigation against four American citizens simply because they worked for the opposition political candidate, that being Donald Trump.

Powell, who calls herself politically independent, served as an assistant prosecutor under nine U.S. Attorneys, both Democrats and Republicans. Where many see “Russia collusion” she sees systemic corruption inside the Justice Department and intelligence community. A topic she writes about in “Licensed to Lie.” Crucial evidence, Powell claims, lies within these little-reported court documents— where our intel agencies get lambasted— not by partisans, but by the lead judge in the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

Sidney Powell: —A 99-page opinion, in which she is taking the FBI to task for having given unlimited, unsupervised access to raw intelligence, that means the database of everything the NSA, the National Security Agency, collects on everybody. Word searches, keystrokes, what do you look at in Google, telephone information, calls, texts, you name it. Everything, every nightmare anybody has of information being collected by big brother, the FBI gave three private contractors unlimited, unsupervised access to that as far back as 2015.

In an opinion dated October 2016, Judge Rosemary Collyer writes that an Inspector General found the FBI and National Security Agency—NSA—had committed “widespread” violations of key protections for Americans. And because they waited to notify the court until days before the election— many months after government watchdogs discovered the abuses— Collyer said the NSA was guilty of “institutional ‘lack of candor’ ” and “This is a very serious Fourth Amendment issue.”

You can watch the full interview here:

The bottom line is that Democrats have no problem turning America into a banana republic style of politics in going after political foes. The question many are already asking is whether or not Barr will take any legal action against the Democrats and even some Republicans involved in the illegal actions in their attempted coup to oust Trump from office and those involved in the illegal creation of the Mueller probe?


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