Democrats’ Antifa On Trial for Attacking & Beating Pair of US Marines

Antifa is a far left-wing activist group that is best described as anarchists intent on doing everything they can to subvert the current government and intimidate any and all conservatives.

Despite what the mainstream media, it was Antifa activists who started the violence in Charlottesville.

They are also the group that used violence and threatened more violence to prevent several conservative speakers from speaking at different venues.

Members of Antifa are now on trial after being accused as being part of a group of activists who attacked 2 US Marines during an event that took place in Philadelphia, last November.

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Freedom Outpost – Marines Testify About Being Beaten & Called Ethnic Slurs In Brutal Antifa Mob Attack In Philadelphia – No coverage of this from the leftwing media, which cheers on the fascist Antifa and their Nazi goons.

Two alleged Antifa activists accused of attacking a pair of Marines in Philadelphia were ordered to stand trial just after Christmas on aggravated assault and conspiracy charges following a dramatic day of testimony last week in which the Marines described being beaten and called ethnic slurs.

U.S. Marine Corps reservists Alejandro Godinez and Luis Torres, dressed in their military uniforms, testified Thursday against suspects Thomas Massey and Tom Keenan, who were allegedly part of a larger group of left-wing Antifa activists who began beating the Marines after mistaking them for participants in a November “We the People” rally in Old City.

Alt-left anti-fascist activist group, ‘Antifa,’ continues to show up at political protests on college campuses across the US, sparking violence to promote its agenda…

After what Antifa did at Charlottesville and again in Berkeley, California when Ann Coulter was announced as a speaker at the University of California Berkeley, the best description of them as political thugs who are using any excuse to commit violence for violence sake.

I’ve heard members of Antifa say that they are against Republicans, conservatives, Christians and Jews.

At the same time, they said they support Democrats, socialism and Muslims.



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