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The “revolving door” between the Democrat Party and the liberal media functions as a full-employment program for party operatives, who can collect paychecks from TV networks for doing the same work they would otherwise do for Democrats. Nearly everyone in the major media is a Democrat (e.g., 89% voted for Bill Clinton in 1992) and so it does not seem at all unusual to them that George Stephanopoulos, a lifelong Democrat Party operative who worked for the Clinton campaign, should be employed as a “journalist” hosting ABC’s Good Morning America:

Former Democratic activist turned journalist George Stephanopoulos on Thursday went after Carly Fiorina for attacking Planned Parenthood during Wednesday’s presidential debate. The Good Morning America co-host grilled, “Another powerful moment last night was when you talked about those Planned Parenthood tapes. But analysts who’ve watched all 12-plus hours say the scene you’ve described, that harrowing scene you described, actually isn’t in those tapes.”

He wondered, “did you misspeak?” Fiorina shot back at the man who secretly donated $75,000 to the Clintons: “I don’t know whether you’ve watched the tapes, George. . . Certainly none of the Democrats who are still defending Planned Parenthood have watched those tapes.”

We have previously discussed the Planned Parenthood videos and Fiorina’s reference to them during the Wednesday debate. The facts of the matter are known. What is important here is that (a) Fiorina emerged from the debate as a much more viable candidate for the Republican nomination, and therefore (b) Stephanopoulos was obligated, as a Democrat Party operative, to attack Fiorina.

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The naked partisanship of Stephanopoulos is not merely “liberal bias”; it is outright propaganda on behalf of the Democrat Party, which reflects ABC News policy of supporting Democrats. All of the producers and executives at ABC News are also partisan Democrats, so that the network has an organizational mission of advocacy on behalf of the candidates and policies of the Democrat Party. This is not only dishonest (because it presents partisan propaganda as objective “news”), but also dangerous, in that individuals like Stephanopoulos and organizations like ABC News cannot be expected to report honestly about the failures of Democrat officials and policies. The public is deliberately misled about, for example, the effectiveness of the Obama administration’s foreign policy, because many millions of citizens are spoonfed disinformation from Democrat partisans like Stephanopoulos.

Democrats will likely nominate as their 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, for whom George Stephanopoulos formerly worked and with whom he is still friends. Does anyone anticipate that Stephanopoulos will be objective in reporting on evidence of Mrs. Clinton’s incompetence, dishonesty and corruption? No, of course not. No one expects honest political coverage from ABC News. They belong to an industry whose business is manufacturing lies.

(Hat-tips: Evi L. Bloggerlady and Aleister at Legal Insurrection.)

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