Democrats Again Talking Impeachment of Trump

Since the release of the redacted Mueller report, a number of Democrats and even billionaire Democrat donors, are calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

To no great surprise, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and number one Trump-hater in the House is leading the charge for impeachment.

Schiff and Rep. Jerry Nadler claim that the Mueller report provides plenty of evidence for obstruction of justice charges worthy of impeachment.

The next few weeks promise to be quite revealing as to what Democrats are going to try to rid themselves of their worst enemy ever – a President who wants to save America.

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The American Spectator – Anti-Trump Crazies Urge Impeachment on Cringing Dems – The Democrats, having unwisely invested enormous political capital in the ability of special counsel Robert Mueller to produce some pretext for impeaching President Trump, now face a choice between two evils. Most of the legacy media, the far left wing of their own caucus, and an obsessive megadonor all insist that Mueller provided enough ammunition for impeachment. But recent surveys, including new polls conducted after the full Mueller report was released, show that most voters are against ousting Trump. Consequently, the Democrats will inevitably be forced to alienate some crucial constituency no matter which course they choose on impeachment.

The most difficult to appease may be the Fourth Estate. From the big dailies to the major broadcast and cable outlets to the most widely read blogs, the journalistic malpractice that plagued Russiagate continues unabated despite the collapse of the collusion hoax and the absence of evidence that the President committed obstruction of justice. Since the Mueller report was released, the New York Times ran a column titled, “In a Functional Country, We Would Be on the Road to Impeachment,” the Week published a piece titled, “The president must be impeached,” and the Washington Post ran an op-ed titled, “Why impeachment is imperative.” The latter effusion begins as follows:

Democrats’ fear of a backlash at the polls is no reason to avoid their constitutional responsibility to begin a formal impeachment proceeding against President Trump. This is a complex decision, but given the evidence presented in special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s report, it is not a difficult one. The special counsel did not have a pathway to hold Trump accountable for obstruction of justice. Congress does…

It seems, however, that not all Democrats are that anxious to rush to impeachment.

A number of new Democrats in Congress won election in traditionally Republican districts.

Some are fearing that they may lose some of their support in those districts, thus jeopardizing their chances of re-election.

It’s these Democrats who could prevent the impeachment of Trump.



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