Democratic Governors Sabotaging Trump’s Border Security

It’s no secret that Democrats desperately want as many illegal aliens to enter the country as possible because they are all potential illegal Democratic voters.

Don’t forget that no one has ever disproved the allegations that over 3 million illegal votes were cast in 2016 by non-citizens, most of which were illegals who voted for Democrats including Hillary Clinton.

If you subtract those votes from the popular vote, then Donald Trump won fair and square.

The National Guard is really not national but state and that is allowing Democratic governors to try to try to sabotage President Donald Trump’s effort to increase border security and prevent the migrant caravans from entering the US.

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Washington Examiner – Democratic governors cut National Guard troops at the border – Democratic governors in California and New Mexico are starting to cut back on the number of National Guard troops stationed at the border after deciding they don’t agree with President Trump that the border is in a state of emergency.

And in Arizona, troops from Wisconsin are being pulled because the new Democratic governor from the Badger State also disagrees with Trump’s policy.

Nearly a year after Trump authorized the push to get guardsmen at the border, more than 2,100 are still deployed. But that number has already started to fall, and will continue to drop in the coming weeks as blue states pull out from the mission, according to Pentagon officials.

New Mexico’s troops have been hit the hardest of the four border states. Just 18 guardsmen remain deployed there, down from the 200 former Republican Gov. Susan Martinez sent to the southern border last April…

New Mexico Governor Susan Martinez claims to be a Republican, but her actions are more those of the Democrats, of which she once was.

Martinez is cutting the number of National Guard troops on the border from 200 to 18.

California Governor Gov. Gavin Newsome is cutting National Guard troops at the border from 350 down to 100.

Wisconsin Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is reducing the National Guard troops from her state that are serving on the border in Arizona by 90%.

Frankly, I believe that all of these governors need to be charged and tried with treason for failure to protect America and the American people from invasion of foreigners who are having a negative impact on OUR country.



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