Democratic Election Fraud Reported in Florida

In 2010, 2012 and 2014, there was widespread election fraud reported in numerous locations.

The vast majority of the election fraud was carried out by Democrats, which isn’t a big surprise.

Yet, Democrats denied any involvement and then said the incidents were so rare and minor that they made no difference.

When it was reported that as many of 3 million illegal votes were cast in 2016, Trump tried to launch an investigation, but it was blocked by mostly by Democrats and some RINOs.

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It’s now being reported that in Broward County, Florida that a large amount of election fraud took place resulting in an intense investigation.

The Sons of Liberty Media – Seriously, is Broward County full of crooks and criminals? It sure seems so. The latest out of the county where elections staff under the direction of Brenda Snipes now stand accused of election and voter fraud as a Broward County employee has filed an affidavit claiming to have seen staff members filling out blank ballots.

The news came by way of former Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottkamp, who tweeted out the information on Friday evening after ballots were supposed to be turned over by Snipes per a court order.

“Affidavit filed by Broward Election’s employee in support of Caldwell lawsuit provides eye witness account of Elections staff filling in blank ballots. When this was reported the employee was fired and told not to come back. #sayfie,” tweeted Kottkamp…


Even with affidavits signed by election workers and a video of the improper and highly questionable transportation of thousands of ballots, Democrats continue to deny or play down the reports of election fraud.

There is even a report of a woman living in Minnesota who received an absentee ballot in the mail from Broward County.

She didn’t request the ballot nor has she lived in Broward County for a number of years.

Trending News – A woman who moved from Broward County, Florida to Minnesota five years ago has recieved an absentee ballot for Broward County in the mail – but she didn’t request it.

A woman named Elisa Sarmento has posted a photograph of an absentee ballot she received from Broward County, in Florida. The problem is that Sarmento now lives in Minnesota and has, according to someone on Twitter, moved five years ago. The other problem is that Sarmento did not request the absentee ballot.

There are a few things to note about this story…

It just so happens that the Broward county election official is a black Democrat who has already been investigated for previous election issues.

One would think she would realize she would be carefully watched, but it seems her hatred for Trump exceeds her intelligence.



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