Democrat Socialist Representative Wants to Create Severe Recession or Depression

Ilhan Omar severed 2 years in the Minnesota House of Representatives before winning a seat in the US House in the 2018 election.

Omar joined Rashida Tlaib in becoming the first female Muslim members of the House

In addition to Omar being a Muslim, she is also a socialist.

When she ran for state office, she ran on the Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) party, a political party that is socialist through and through.

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Holding true to her socialist views, Omar is proposing taxing the wealthy as much as 90%, a move that would cost millions of jobs.

Fox News – Rep. Ilhan Omar floats taxing rich up to 90 percent – Freshman Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar floated taxing the wealthy at a rate of up to 90 percent, joining fellow Democrats pushing for much higher rates on the top bracket to pay for sought-after programs like “Medicare-for-all.”

In an interview this week on “Through Her Eyes,” a new weekly show on Roku, Ilhan, D-Minn., suggested “a few things” to change when looking to pay for high-cost programs.

“One of them is that we can increase the taxes that people are paying who are the extremely wealthy in our communities,” she explained. “So, 70 percent, 80 percent, we’ve had it as high as 90 percent. So, that’s a place we can start.”

She added: “The one percent must pay their fair share.”

Omar also discussed her thinking regarding taxes on the wealthy during an appearance Thursday on “The Daily Show.” …

Democrat socialists are so bent on their erroneous redistribution of wealth, that they fail to see the catastrophic impact of such actions.

How did most of the wealthy get so rich?

They worked hard and built a thriving business and it’s those businesses that employ millions of Americans.

If you tax these wealthy business owners up to 90%, they will be forced to slash their workforce, cut hours, reduce benefits and more.

The end result will be a severe economic recession and possible another economic depression, but then that plays right into the hands of socialist who want the government to take over businesses.




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