Democrat Circus Act Says Border Security is “Unbelievably Irresponsible”

DHS announced that on Monday 3,700 illegal aliens were caught trying to infiltrate our border with Mexico. It’s estimated that by year’s end, the number will reach 1 million.

Since we’ve run out of beds at detention centers — and Democrats will see to it that the number won’t be increased — many will be released with a request that they show up for a hearing on their immigration status, which most will ignore. Just think of it, all of those potential Democratic voters blending with the general population.

On Monday, Rep. Adam Smith (D, CA.), the circus act who chairs the House Armed Services Committee said it was “unbelievably irresponsible” to transfer $1 billion from DOD to help build the border wall. You see keeping out illegal aliens – terrorists included – has absolutely nothing to do with our national defense.

According to the party of the undocumented, keeping murders and rapists out of our country is unbelievably irresponsible. The Princeton Policy Advisors tells us illegals are responsible for an estimated 2,200 deaths and 118,000 rapes each year – victims like Kate Steinle and Molly Tibbetts.

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Keeping gang members (like recruits for the notorious MS-13) out is unbelievably  irresponsible.

Keeping the tons of drugs that flow across our southern border each year out is unbelievably irresponsible. Since 2009, heroin seizures at the border have tripled. Meth seizures have quintupled.

Adding more of a strain to already over-burdened social services budgets – police, hospitals, education – is unbelievably irresponsible.

Trying to stop further erosion of our national identity is unbelievably irresponsible.

That sound you heard was another nail being driven into the coffin of the Democratic Party. I love it.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I have personally seen how a flood of illegal aliens changed an entire area of a city from a once safe, low crime and family friendly community into a dangerous, crime infested area where it’s not even safe to drive through, and yet trying to stop this is unbelievably irresponsible.

During the reign of terror, also known as the Obama years, signs were erected along the highways in Arizona as far north as 100 miles from the Mexican border. The signs warned of the danger from illegal aliens and drug trafficking. Trying to make this area within the United States safe again is unbelievably irresponsible.

Some ranchers living near the border have armed themselves, installed extra security measures, obtain guard dogs and one rancher even sent his wife and daughters to live with family further north, but trying to restore a safe place to live within the United States is unbelievably irresponsible.

Democrats have been doing a lot of complaining of the opioid drug problem and yet trying to stop the flood of illegal drugs, including heroin is unbelievably irresponsible.

Millions of illegal aliens have voted in the 2016 and 2018 elections, but voting is a sacred right held only for American citizens, a right that many have died and sacrificed themselves to obtain and protect, but preserving this right and preventing such massive voter fraud is unbelievably irresponsible.

A number of small hospitals and urgent care centers within 50-100 miles of the Mexican border have had to shut down because they could not afford to keep providing free medical care for thousands of illegal aliens. The loss of these emergency facilities have left American citizens without the emergency care they need and in one case, cost one his life while being transported over 100 miles to nearest emergency facility, yet trying to prevent this costly abuse of health care and placing Americans in peril is unbelievably irresponsible.

Illegal aliens are already costing American taxpayers at least $164 BILLION A YEAR, yet trying to save that valuable hard-earned tax money is unbelievably irresponsible.

What really is unbelievably irresponsible are the Democrats who are willing to sacrifice America and the American people for the sake of illegal foreigners, who by the very act of entering the US illegally, are criminals. These Democrats, in my opinion, are guilty of treason against the United States and the American people.

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Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website,
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