Democrat Candidate for Governor Faces Domestic Abuse Allegations During Debate

Democrats on Capital Hill are claiming that the allegation of sexual assault against Judge Brett Kavanaugh are valid, even though the alleged incident happened 36-years ago.

Rep. Keith Ellison, a Democrat from Minnesota, is running for governor and during a public debate with his Republican opponent Doug Wardlow, the issue of domestic abuse took center stage

Ellison has been accused by two women of domestic abuse, both accounts denied by Ellison.

He claims that one of the accounts is not valid because the alleged abuse took place two years ago, an argument denied by Democrats concerning Kavanaugh.

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Ellison also says that the one account was politically motivated because it was made only 2 days before the primary, again an argument in the Kavanaugh case that Democrats dismiss.

(The Washington Times) – Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison was grilled Friday during a televised debate over allegations of domestic abuse, an issue that has dogged his run for Minnesota attorney general despite drawing scant national coverage.

Republican candidate Doug Wardlow cited the accounts by Amy Alexander and Karen Monahan, both of whom have accused Mr. Ellison of becoming physical after losing his temper, which he has denied.

“I think two credible, strong allegations of domestic abuse is enough,” said Mr. Wardlow, prompting Mr. Ellison to counter, “There’s not two. There’s zero.”

Mr. Ellison said he had to take out a restraining order in 2006 against Ms. Alexander, adding she was ordered to “stop making falsehoods against me and to not contact me at all,” and that Ms. Monahan waited until last month to make her allegations, two years after he broke up with her…

Fellow Democrats seem to still be supporting Ellison despite the multiple allegations against him.

They even seem to be accepting Ellison’s defense, which they reject from Kavanaugh, revealing their hypocritical double standard.

What no one is saying, but should be said is that Ellison is a Muslim and it is customary for Muslim men to be physically abusive with females who do anything to displease or embarrass them.

I had former Muslims work for me at one time and they all told me that in Islam, women are nothing more than chattel, a possession like livestock and that they can treat them however they want, up to and including physical beating and killing, if they feel justified.



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