Democrat Admits She Didn’t Know What Was in Pro-Abortion Bill She Co-Sponsored

I don’t know how to politely say it any better, so I’ll be my normal truthful and blunt self.

Virginia Democrat Dawn Adams is either stupid, careless or both.

Adams co-sponsored a pro-abortion bill in the Virginia legislature that would allow abortions up to the moment of birth, much like the blood-lust law passed in New York.

After drawing a lot of criticism, Adams admitted that she co-sponsored the bill without knowing what all the bill stated.

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She says she co-sponsored the bill because she is pro-abortion, but admits she wasn’t smart in not reding the bill.

LifeNews – Virginia Democrat Admits She Didn’t Read Bill Allowing Abortions Up to Birth, Regrets Co-Sponsoring It – A Virginia Democrat admitted Wednesday that she did not read a pro-abortion bill that would have legalized abortion up to the point when a woman is in labor before she co-sponsored it.

State Del. Dawn Adams apologized to her constituents in a letter Wednesday, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports. While Adams said she supports legalized abortion, she did not realize the full extent of the bill and co-sponsoring it was a “mistake.”

“I made a mistake, and all I know to do is to admit it, tell the truth, and let the chips fall where they may,” she wrote, according to the Free Beacon. “If you follow my newsletter or have written to me to ask about my votes, you know that I do my best to read and research every bill I vote on. But I did not read a bill I agreed to co-patron and that wasn’t smart or typical. I will work harder and be better for it.”

The bill was defeated in committee, but it drew wide-spread horror after its sponsor, Del. Kathy Tran, D-Fairfax, admitted that it would allow abortions through all nine months of pregnancy, including while a mother is in labor and there is no physical threat to her health…

I have to wonder if her excuse of not reading the bill she agreed to co-sponsor is the truth or just an attempt to cover up for the flak she has received over the bill?

If, her excuse is the truth, it shows a lack of intelligence and discernment on her part.

That amounts to the same thing as signing a contract without reading what all the contract states and then later claiming it was a simple mistake.

It reminds me of Pelosi’s famous statement about needing to pass the Affordable Care Act to find out what was in it, which I believe to be an outright lie on Pelosi’s part.



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