Democrat Accusations: Will the Real Racist Please, Shut Up!

Facts don’t matter, words have no meaning, everyone’s a racist!

“Racist!” This is the favorite word DemWits use to attack President Trump, and anyone who dares stray from the ideology of the Left. Some Leftists go so far as to claim all white people are racists, even as they tell you all people of color are superior to whites, a distinctly racist sentiment!

Congress people Maxine Waters and Luis Gutiérrez are recent prime examples of little people crying “Racist Wolf!”

The villagers are fed up with being duped, and they resent efforts to manipulate them. By the way, the villagers come in all colors.

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DemWits use the word ‘racist’ every hour. It has been so overused and misused, it does not have the same political punch it once possessed.  Overuse has drained the word of meaning.  Most people recognize it’s largely meaningless now, merely a false accusation, a dud grenade in the culture war.  Hence, those who overuse it, smearing the innocent, provide cover for the guilty.

“Racism” simply refers to a belief that one race is superior another. Nazis believe the Aryan race is superior to all others.  Nazis are therefore inherently racist, like the Japanese who once believed the Emperor is God, and all non-Japanese are inferior.  The Chinese have considered everyone else inferior for thousands of years.  The French and Brits and others have long help themselves superior.  Racism has cut every which way in all places ever since the Fall. No one has a corner on that market.

The phony firestorm against Trump started during the campaign when he declared that some Mexicans and other Hispanics coming here illegally posed certain criminal threats, ones citizens should not have to endure. It is an accurate statement.  He did not say all Hispanics are criminals. He did not say all Hispanics are inferior. He stated a truth, outlined the problem, and offered a solution.

The Left cannot deal honestly with truth, accurate descriptions of problems, and the promulgation of reasonable solutions. The Left—driven by consummate negativity—is not interested in solutions.  The Left is interested in revolution. Therefore, the Left demonizes anyone behaving in a reasonable, solutions-based fashion, especially when the Left perceives a threat to its power.

Never forget the Left endorses and promotes open borders and unlimited immigration—-illegal or otherwise—-solely for the purpose of recruiting new voters, winning elections, holding on to power, and continuing the orgy of spending our money. This also explains why the Left hysterically objects to voter ID laws, calling them racist. There is NO reason to oppose voter ID laws (denying the vote to illegals) as they apply to everyone and help prevent voter fraud.  There is every reason to oppose these laws if you are engaged in voter fraud, and if you seek an army of illegal robot voters doing your will as they board buses to the polling place, devoted to voting for Democrats and the endless expansion of entitlements.

Trump is a threat to the scam, and so the Left is on a seek and destroy mission, using a weaponized word, machine gunning false accusations, simultaneously propagandizing voters of color. It is handy in this chaos to promote motor voter laws and work to give illegals the vote. If the Left can pull it off, it will never lose another election. Trump and Republicans are substantial opponents to the scheme.  Therefore, they must be destroyed.   Conservative blacks and Hispanics thoroughly agree with Trump and Republicans that the scam should end, but these are Uncle Toms, according to the Left, unsavory, inferior people, not real people of color, sell outs.

Trump has never expressed the belief whites are superior to anyone else. His behavior has never reflected that belief.  Indeed, Trump once dated a black woman.  He has been honored many times by black leaders, like Jesse Jackson, for his outstanding work on behalf of the black community.  People of color employed by Mr. Trump sing his praises. Ben Carson and many other black people support and admire Mr. Trump. They deny the accusation of racism. But of course we aren’t supposed to listen to them.  According to the Left, they are inferior.

Facts fail to inform the Left, simply because the Left is not interested in facts or truth. Rather, the Left is interested in control and domination, by any means.  It gets very crazy.  Seething, hysterical Leftist revolutionaries will say and do ANYTHING to achieve their goals.  It gets downright dangerous.  Addicts will not be denied. Reason must give way to lashing out.

Take for example this ‘column’ published recently in the N.Y. Times.  Mr. Charles Blow tells us Trump is a racist.  Why? Because Mr. Blow says so!  It’s obvious, don’t you see? All of white America is racist.  Trump represents white people.  Obviously he is a racist.  Period!  Mr. Blow does not provide one fact to substantiate his allegation.  Not one.  It is a hit piece. Nothing more.  Filled with hate, it causes substantial damage to a society already ripping its own guts out with hate speech, violence and division.

The Left has played the race card for decades, making empty promises to people of color all along the way, and nothing much has changed for them, economically speaking, although it can be said with confidence, until the advent of Obama, civil rights improved, and racism diminished, thanks in large part of a lot of white people admitting fault and repenting, along with a lot of Republicans promoting civil rights.

Mr. Blow, Maxine Waters and Mr. Gutiérrez do everyone a grave disservice, especially people of color. With lies, verbal violence and intentional provocation, they work to destroy the best place on earth, the only place offering liberty and justice for all, and for what? So they can be cool at cocktail parties, line their pockets and hold on to the illusion of power?

Let the facts speak: unemployment for people of color is at an all-time low, opportunity is expanding, employment rates are setting records, consumer confidence is very high, and freedom is ringing all across the country, substantially fulfilling Dr. King’s Dream, despite the agents of destruction.

It’s not racism driving these results. It’s patriotism and Americanism!

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