Dem Senate Candidate Accused of Supporting Treason

Should any US citizens be allowed to go overseas and join the Taliban?

If so, then why has the federal government stopped as many young misguided people from doing that very thing?

This was a hot topic that came up during the debate between the two candidates for the US Senate seat being vacated by Jeff Flake (RHINO-AZ).

Republican candidate and current Rep. Martha McSally brought up a 2003 radio interview given by her opponent, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, who said in that interview that anyone should be allowed to go fight with the Taliban if they want.

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McSally, who retired from the Air Force with the rank of colonel, accused Sinema of supporting treason with that statement.

(Fox News) – Republican Martha McSally accused Democrat Kyrsten Sinema of saying “it was OK to commit treason” in a fiery Arizona Senate debate on Monday, in response to Sinema once telling a radio host she didn’t care if someone wanted to join the Taliban.

McSally was referring to a 2003 interview on a local Arizona radio station, where Sinema told the host she didn’t object to individuals going abroad and fighting for the Islamic fundamentalist group.

As an individual, if I want to go fight in the Taliban army, I go over there, and I’m fighting for the Taliban, I’m saying that’s a personal decision,” host and activist Ernest Hancock told Sinema, who was then a Green Party activist.

“Fine. I don’t care if you go and do that, go ahead,” she replied, according to the audio recording obtained by Fox News. It was one of a number of controversial statements that recently resurfaced from Sinema…

The statement made by Sinema was especially personal to McSally, who flew as a combat pilot in Iraq and Kuwait and was America’s first female fighter squadron commander, capping off her 22-years of military service.

McSally also accused Sinema of wearing a pink tutu while protesting against US troops when she was serving in combat.

When McSally asked Sinema to apologize to veterans and herself, Sinema, in typical Democratic fashion did a fancy dance to avoid answering the question.

Then Sinema accused of McSally of voting 98% of the time with her party, which makes one wonder what Sinema would do if elected?



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David Jolly
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