Dem Response to Mattis Resignation Shows More Anti-Trump Hypocrisy

This week, Secretary of Defense Gen. James (Mad Dog) Mattis tendered his letter of resignation to President Donald Trump and the Democrats are going nuts, predicting doom and condemning Trump.

In his letter, Mattis said that it would serve the President better to have a Secretary of Defense who share more of the same views as Trump.

I’ve seem liberal posts claiming that the department of Mattis will create chaos throughout the world as if this will be the end of the world.

Others are busy using Mattis’ resignation to further condemn Trump and call his administration dysfunctional and worse.

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Democrats again prove themselves to have very short memories as Barack Obama fired Mattis as Commander of the US Central Command in 2013.

Wayne Dupree – Anyone Remember When Obama Fired Gen. Mattis And Didn’t Even Call Him? – You won’t hear anything about this on CNN and MSNBC because they aren’t in the “telling truth” business.

Many of you that read this article will be asking yourself why Wayne is bringing this up right now.

Barack Obama did not even let Gen. James Mattis know that he was being replaced without position media is jumping all over Pres. Trump. Sen. Chuck Schumer is looping Mattis’ removal/resignation in with other things happening in DC this Christmas season as “chaos.” Democrats play with fear as a weapon against the American people using the opposition media as the delivery method.

However, when these pagan criminals are called out for their hypocrisy, they go into “silent city.”

President Barack Obama fired General James Mattis, the head of Central Command, without even calling the general to let him know he was being replaced…

I recall hearing one liberal news commentator criticize Trump when he appointed Mattis to be Secretary of Defense, saying that it figured that Trump would pick someone who Obama fired.

Now that Mattis is leaving, liberals are condemning Trump for not aligning himself more Mattis and listening to Mattis.

To be honest, after serving in the US Marine Corps for 44 years and achieving the rank of General (4 stars), I don’t blame him for resigning and not wanting to put with all of the headaches of Washington politics.

It’s for the 68-year-old defender of America to enjoy the rest of life and America should be letting him know just how much we appreciate him and his years of dedication to America.



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