Dem Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris Will Use Executive Power to Confiscate Guns

Kamala Harris is a typical California ultra-left anti-American Democrat.

Her background includes serving as the District Attorney for San Francisco and then Attorney General of California, where she followed in the footsteps of the current socialist Governor Jerry Brown.

If you recall the tumultuous Senate confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh, Harris was the one who apparently staged the whole sexual allegation controversy with Professor Ford.

It was Harris or someone in Harris’ office that leaked Ford’s information to the media which conveniently nearly derailed Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

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In running for the White House in 2020, Harris promises to use executive power to enact her idea of gun control.

CNS News – Kamala Harris: ‘You Want to Go Hunting, That’s Fine, But…’ – Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) told a CNN town hall Monday night that if she’s elected president, she will take “executive action” on guns if Congress lacks the “courage” to do something.

“There are people in Washington, D.C., supposed leaders, who have failed to have the courage to reject a false choice, which suggests you’re either in favor of the Second Amendment or you want to take everyone’s guns away.

“Supposed leaders in Washington, D.C., who have failed to have the courage to recognize, you know what, you want to go hunting, that’s fine, but we need reasonable gun safety laws in this country, starting with universal background checks and a renewal of the assault weapon ban.

“But they have failed to have the courage to act. So, Ben, here is my response to you,” Harris told the student who asked the question:

Harris promised executive action:…

Since being sworn in as a US Senator in January 2017, Harris has been a very vocal advocate against President Donald Trump and everything he stands for, everything he promised the American people during his campaign and everything he has tried to do to save America from destruction.

She opposes Trump’s border wall, detention and deportation of illegal aliens, his nominations for the Supreme Court, the tax cuts and more.

At times, Harris has come across as a racist, a hater, a manipulator, an antagonist and more.

If you think Barack Obama was bad, Kamala Harris in the White House would be much worse than Obama.



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