Dem Committee Chair Seeking Perjury Charge for Cohen

Is former Trump attorney Michael Cohen a liar or not?

He was convicted of perjury and other crimes before he ever appeared last week to testify before the House Oversight Committee.

After Cohen’s testimony, a number of Republicans was labeling Cohen as a liar while a number of Democrats were drooling over what many believed to be some salacious truths.

With a prior conviction of perjury, how could anyone trust anything Cohen told the committee?

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Evidently, not every Democrat believed him as committee chair Elijah Cummings has filed a referral for perjury charges against Cohen with the Department of Justice.

Independent Sentinel – Perjury? Even Dem Chair Might Refer Michael Cohen to the DOJ – Michael Cohen, who testified before the House Oversight Committee at Democrats’ request, is facing a referral for perjury from the Democratic Chair Elijah Cummings. Cohen is already convicted of several crimes, including perjury.

When pushed to give a response, Rep. Katie Hill, (D-CA), a leading member of the panel, told “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace that chairman, Rep. Elijah Cummings, (D-MD), may “end up referring” Trump’s former lawyer for investigation based on potential lies in his public testimony. One of those possible lies is Cohen saying he didn’t ask for a pardon when he did.

Hill said of Cohen’s potential perjury that her “guess” was that Cummings would take action.

“I would imagine that in the panic that was going on when you’re about to go down, right, that you’re going to say like ‘yeah, figure out whatever you can do,’” she said. “And I imagine that Chairman Cummings will end up referring him. That’s just my guess.” …

What is more alarming than Cohen possibly facing more perjury charges is what happened prior to Cohen’s testimony before the House committee.

It was reported late last week that Cohen spent 10 hours meeting with the staff of Rep. Adam Schiff.

What makes this so alarming is that Schiff is most likely that most ardent Trump hater in the House.

Was Cohen feeding Schiff’s staff more lies or damning truths?



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