Dem Chair of House Judiciary Committee Says Plenty of Evidence to Charge Trump with Obstruction of Justice

Democrats initially were unhappy and unsatisfied with the first words of the Mueller Report, when it was announced that Mueller did not find enough evidence for him to move forward with obstruction of justice charges against President Trump.

Attorney William Barr and many others ruled that although there was some possible evidence of obstruction of justice charges, but that the evidence was insufficient for formal charges.

Democrats have been so desperate to find anything they can use to stop Trump and even force him out of office, that they taking what Mueller reported in hopes of turning it into formal charges.

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) is Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, and says he believes that Mueller did present sufficient evidence to move forward with possible obstruction of justice charges against Trump.

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Fox News – Nadler says there is ‘plenty of evidence of obstruction’ in Mueller report, believes Don Jr. should have been charged – House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-NY, argued on Sunday that, despite Special Counsel Robert Mueller deciding not to charge President Trump with obstruction of justice, he believes there is still plenty of evidence of obstruction by the president.

Nadler, who filed a subpoena Friday for Mueller’s full, unredacted report, said that Mueller only restrained from charging Trump with obstruction of justice because of the longstanding Justice Department opinion that a sitting president can’t be indicted.

“Mueller says that although a thorough FBI investigation might very well show evidence of obstruction of justice with the president, ‘we’re not going to do that because of the Department of Justice’s legal opinion that a president, a sitting president, can’t be indicted and it would be unfair to lay out the facts justifying an indictment without giving the president the opportunity and a trial to clear his name,’” Nadler said on Sunday during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet The Press.” …

Nadler has said that Barr misinterpreted the Mueller Report when he said there was insufficient evidence to warrant obstruction of justice charges against Trump.

Interpreting the Mueller report is like interpreting a fact of science – the interpretation is largely based on one’s belief system.

An evolutionist will interpret a dinosaur bone as being millions of years old because their foundational belief is based upon millions of years, whereas a creation scientist interprets the same dinosaur bone as being only thousands of years old because their foundational belief in based upon biblical creation.

Nadler and his fellow Democrats will automatically interpret the Mueller Report as providing evidence of obstruction of justice charges because their foundation belief is that Trump did something wrong.



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