Delaware’s Gay Activist U.S. Senator Faces Tough Challenger

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Presiding over Delaware’s first homosexual wedding, Democrat Chris Coons preached the sermon — as a sitting U.S. Senator — from the pulpit of Trinity Episcopal Church in Wilmington, Delaware, on January 1, 2012.

Coons is most famous for defeating Republican Christine O’Donnell, a social conservative, in November 2010. In that campaign, Coons mocked and attacked O’Donnell over the fictitious “wall of separation of church and state.” Yet as a U.S. Senator, in 2012, Coons preached a 15+ minute sermon from a church pulpit as a political stunt to reshape American society according to the gay agenda, and promoted the sermon from his U.S. Senate office. Once again, we see that politics and religion mix just fine as long as a liberal agenda is being advanced. It is only conservative politics and traditional Christianity which are taboo.

On September 14, 2010, Delaware Republicans chose Christine O’Donnell over liberal Republican Mike Castle in Delaware’s closed Republican primary (that is, only Republicans can vote). Angry conservatives nationwide responded by donating $7.4 million when Karl Rove and Republican leaders continued attacking the adorable and beautiful Christine O’Donnell – a passionate and outspoken born-again Christian since finding Christ in college 23 years ago. Convinced that establishment Republicans sabotage conservative nominees while demanding that conservatives support moderates, conservatives have refused to allow that game any longer.

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The grassroots donated heavily, but dragging a divided GOP on her back, Christine came short in a heavily Democrat Delaware. However, Christine’s loss was actually relatively narrow compared with other Republican nominees for U.S. Senate since 1994. Most GOP nominees for U.S. Senate since 1994 have lost by far worse margins than did Christine in 2010.

But now Delaware’s U.S. Senator Chris Coons is up for re-election in November 2014. A successful businessman and engineer Kevin Wade was the Republican nominee in 2012 for U.S. Senate. Kevin Wade finally decided to try again this year when it became clear that no one with sufficient experience was running. Delaware Republicans and conservatives nationally are hoping to finish the job by sending Coons into retirement this year. (A U.S. Senator serves six years. However, the 2010 election was a special election for the final four years of Joe Biden’s term as U.S. Senator, after Biden became Vice President.)

Coons had only 47% approval way back in September 2013, according to a survey by the University of Delaware. The last year has been very bad for Democrats. So Coons’ 47% approval must have sunk much lower since September 2013. An incumbent is considered to be in trouble if he sinks below 50%. Because voters already know an incumbent well, he has less opportunity to make up lost ground.)

Kevin Wade is an excellent candidate. Watch African-American Councilman from Wilmington, Delaware Mike Brown, give a smoking and powerful nomination speech for Kevin Wade in 2012 for the Republican nomination, by clicking here.

Now, Kevin Wade is not going out of his way to run as a social conservative, because the voters are so deeply worried about jobs, the economy, energy, and an out-of-control government. However, social conservatives hope to remove Coons as an aggressive activist for the liberal agenda. Businessman Kevin Wade will focus his campaign and attention on healing the economy, but he will not vote for a liberal position on any social issues. Wade will listen faithfully to the voters and cheerfully ignore the GOP establishment’s wishes.

However, Kevin Wade candidly admits that unless he raises at least six times as much money in 2014 as he did in 2012, his campaign is not likely to go anywhere. Wade feels that he was unable to get his message across against Tom Carper in 2012. Carper was considered a much stronger opponent for Wade than Coons is this year.

Again, conservatives donated $7.4 million to Christine O’Donnell in 2010 against Chris Coons. But donations of only $180,000 came in for Kevin Wade in 2012. Conservative donors need to step up and repeat their best efforts again in 2014. Kevin Wade’s campaign website can be reached at:

Meanwhile, far worse than Coons’ persistent and aggressive promotion of the homosexual agenda, Delaware’s Coons spreads a blasphemous twisting of Christian teachings. Coons preached that a person can choose their own personal gospel. He describes in a casual way the particular, individual “gospel” that the two lesbians have “chosen” for themselves, clearly using jargon familiar to himself and to that church.

Coons also defined the meaning of Christianity to be nothing more than Jesus having abolished all rules – while conspicuously ignoring Jesus’ crucial role of paying for our sins by His voluntary death on the cross in our place. Thus, the Christianity Coons preaches is one of lawless immorality, licentiousness, and irresponsibility. On this, Coons was quite specific, harshly condemning the errors of traditional Christians who take a “narrow” view of Jesus and who “misread” the scriptures “in my view” (he said).

So Coons is on a mission. As a U.S. Senator who campaigned in 2010 on a separation of church and state, Coons is bent on spreading a false and blasphemous version of Christianity in which there is lawless “love” based on freedom to sin without accountability.

In other words, Chris Coons is not someone who simply wants everyone to live and let live. Coons is an aggressive advocate for reshaping American society, by tearing down traditional concepts of Christianity, tearing down the traditional family, and replacing our culture with a progressive, brave new world.

Excerpts of Coons’ sermon can be seen here. Coons’ U.S. Senate office officially posted the full 15+ minute sermon – as official U.S. Senate business over the seal of the U.S. Senate – of Coons marrying lesbians Drewry Farrell and Lisa Goodman. (The two women of advanced age with their own adult children were, some argue, engaged in political activism, a stunt, to reshape society. At their age, Drew and Lisa were embarking on a cause, not starting a life together.)

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