Defending Youth in a Wicked Culture

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Liberty Counsel is on the front lines of defending our youth from the wicked culture that is intent on destroying them.

Mat Staver: Matt, Liberty Counsel is involved in defending our youth. They are facing challenges like never before in our history. Certainly you and I didn’t face these kinds of challenges when we were young. We never would have imagined some of the challenges that they’re facing today.

For example, in New Jersey, youth there that may have been sexually molested by someone of the same sex, a boy who was sexually molested by the like of a Jerry Sandusky, or for whatever reason developes unwanted same-sex sexual attractions, or has an urge to engage in same-sex behavior but does not want to do so.

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Some young boy, some young girl like that, is seeking desperately to change. Seeking to desperately to address these conflicting feelings or actions or behavior, will not be able to obtain counsel in the state of New Jersey or California, frankly for that matter. But, cannot obtain that kind of counseling because the state of New Jersey passed a law that said you can’t engage in “change therapy.” You can’t have any change counsel. That if the counselor even provides the idea that you can change, that’s “unethical” behavior and you could lose your license.

Liberty Counsel is on the front lines challenging those restrictions to be able to give opportunity for change to our young boys and girls, our young men and women.

Matt Barber: And this is just an example you give, Mat, of how the secular left, unfortunately, is willing to use children as pawns. These selfish adults, to try to further their own political self-interests. And these special interest groups have lobbied for this kind of legislation. And regrettably in New Jersey and California, I know Cincinatti has pushed forward a similar kind of ordinance. And Washington, D.C. The goal being to give only one side…

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