Deep State FBI Raids Whistleblower of Clinton Foundation – Uranium One Deal

Supposedly, there are laws to protect whistleblowers so as to encourage more people to report crimes and other questionable actions committed by their companies and/or bosses, but that only works one way.

Dennis Nathan Cain is the whistleblower who came forward with evidence linking the Clinton Foundation with the infamous Uranium One Deal.

Cain worked for the Department of Justice and came forward with evidence to show that Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and the Russian company Rosatom should have been investigated for criminal actions.

His documents also showed that then FBI Director Robert Mueller failed to follow-up with any investigation.

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Instead of raiding the Clintons, their foundation and Mueller, the FBI raided Cain.

The National Sentinel – America’s Gestapo? FBI raid on Clinton Foundation, Uranium One whistleblower proves Deep State still controls FBIOut of Control: Fallout from the overt politicization of the Justice Department by President Obama is continuing apace, as evidenced by yet another outrageous act committed by an FBI that continues to show contempt for the citizens it is supposed to serve.

The latest victim is Dennis Nathan Cain, a whistleblower who had documents pertaining to the Clinton Foundation and the scandalous Uranium One deal which saw 20 percent of all strategic U.S. uranium reserves transferred (sold) to Russia.

As The Daily Caller reported exclusively last week, FBI agents recently raided the home of Cain — “ recognized Department of Justice whistleblower” — despite the fact that, by law, he should have been protected from such an egregious act.

As for what the documents reveal, the news site noted: …

When will President Donald Trump get an Attorney General who will do the right and lawful thing and investigate all of these many allegations of corruption and more by the Clintons, their foundation, the Democratic National Committee and other Democrats?

Furthermore, the implications of these allegations made by Cain display why Robert Mueller should NEVER have been named as Special Counsel, should have recused himself and why he should be removed immediately!

The American people are getting sick and tired of all of the corruption in American politics on both sides of the aisles and its time that someone started putting a stop to it and holding those responsible accountable for their actions!!!



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