The Debate Over Natural Marriage Ain’t Over By a Long Shot

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“The debate is over” is the newest addition to the liberal Tourette’s Syndrome dictionary, a phrase mindlessly repeated over and over to terminate discussion rather than stimulate it. It’s one of the cliches that Jonah Goldberg speaks of, used robotically to end dialogue rather than engage in it.

Supporters of sodomy-based marriage have taken to using the phrase with regard to public policy on the definition of marriage. Some self-described “conservatives” like S.E. Cupp agree, saying it’s time for the GOP to “move on gay marriage.”

They have been aided and abetted even by surrenderists in the evangelical community, men like Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention and Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A, who sigh with resignation, drop to their knees, put their hands in the air, and wait meekly to be handcuffed and frogmarched off into cultural oblivion.

Mr. Cathy, by the way, is under a self-imposed gag order, determined never to breathe a word about his values on marriage ever again as long as he lives. He apparently did this in hopes that it would earn him some favor from the homosexual lobby, and grease the skids for him to put his restaurants in urban, left-leaning cities.

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But he has learned the sad lesson that appeasement doesn’t work. Even if your the one who feeds the gator, in the end he’s going to come for you. You might get eaten last, but you will be eaten. Appeasement didn’t work with Adolf Hitler and it won’t work with the Gay Gestapo. New York City councilman Daniel Dromm, for example, made it abundantly clear that Chick-fil-A is not and never will be welcome in the Big Apple.

“We don’t need bigots coming to New York City,” said Dromm. They are not welcome here unless they can embrace all of New York’s diverse community, including the LGBT community.” As if to punctuate the intensity of his convictions on the matter, he pointedly added, “We don’t need bigoted people even keeping their opinions to themselves. They need to wake up and see reality.”

Mr. Cathy’s shameful silence has not only disappointed the pro-family community that unreservedly supported him in 2012, it has brought him nothing but contempt from the folks he was hoping to pacify. Not only is his silence cowardly, it’s ineffective to boot.

We all are involved in a take-no-prisoners culture war, and the sooner Mr. Cathy and Mr. Moore recognize that, the better.

It turns out there may good reason for Mr. Moore and Mr. Cathy to stop waving their white hankies and stick them back in their pockets. A poll released by WPA Opinion Research this week indicates that a full 82% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents still believe that marriage is exclusively the union of one man and one woman. As CBS News put it, “most Republican voters remain firmly rooted in opposition to same-sex marriage.”

Additionally, 75% of them do not believe that politicians ought to go about redefining what God defined at the dawn of creation.

In other words, the Republican base is in solid support of natural marriage. Recently, the Nevada GOP pulled support for natural marriage out of the state platform, and there is growing pressure on the national Republican Party to do the same. To do so would not only be wrong, it would be politically stupid. On how many other platform issues does the party have 82% agreement?

For the party to pull toward the left on marriage (there is no “center” — you either support sodomy-based marriage or you don’t) is to pull away from its base. The GOP already saw 4 million of its more conservative voters stay home in 2012 because of the ticket’s tepid support for social conservatism. Thus the feckless GOP handed the Oval Office to a man with an immoral and anti-American political agenda.

The GOP cannot afford to make that mistake again, and America cannot afford for the GOP to make that mistake again. America and the GOP are running out of time and chances. To the GOP: run an unapologetic supporter of natural marriage in 2016 or kiss your political future — and maybe the future of America — goodbye.

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Bryan Fischer is the Director of Issue Analysis at the American Family Association. He has degrees from Stanford University and Dallas Theological Seminary. He pastored for 25 years in Idaho, where he served as the chaplain of the Idaho state senate and co-authored Idaho's marriage amendment. He came to AFA in 2009.

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