Dear Jury, These Are the Crimes We Will Ignore

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A former U.N. ambassador says Hillary Clinton committed “gross negligence” by allowing U.S. secrets to be stolen by foreign governments.

A constitutional attorney, meanwhile, says the FBI is carrying out a “gross miscarriage of justice” by allowing her to escape prosecution for that crime.

“But unfortunately with this Obama administration,” says attorney Matt Barber, “I was not surprised because the fix was clearly in here.”

Barber and many others reacted with outrage Tuesday after FBI Director James Comey described in detail how then-Secretary of State Clinton broke federal law by using a private email server to send and receive sensitive information.

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Comey said FBI investigators found more than 100 classified emails, some marked as “Top Secret,” even though Clinton falsely claimed in 2015 that she never sent or received such information.

Not only did Comey point out that Clinton had lied, but each email is a felony violation of Section 793(f) of the federal code. Failing to properly secure such sensitive information is considered “gross negligence.”

Yet the FBI director said the FBI is not recommending that Clinton be prosecuted.

Reacting to Comey’s announcement on American Family Radio, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton pointed out the “gross negligence” portion of the federal law. Yet the former secretary of state, he said, allowed classified materials to be stored and thus comitted federal crimes.

FBI Director Comes press conferenceComey said Tuesday that it’s likely that “hostile actors” from other nations gained access to Clinton’s emails, since the FBI concluded that people who were communicating with Clinton were hacked.

Clinton was using the same unsecured email server overseas, he said, so the FBI concluded it is possible “that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s personal email account” in those foreign countries.

Comey’s description of possible espionage was included in a CNN story about the “7 most damning lines” he said about Clinton during the Tuesday press conference.

Bolton, who shared his views with radio show host Sandy Rios, said most of Comey’s speech sounded like a prosecutor’s opening statement to a jury.

“I thought that certainly the FBI, and indeed the career-level prosecutors at the Justice Department, would see this for what it was,” Bolton told Rios.

In a Tuesday story on OneNewsNow, former prosecutor Abe Hamilton said the Obama administration is using the well-respected FBI director to cover up obvious corruption.

Hamilton, now an attorney for the American Family Association, has served as an assistant district attorney in Texas and Louisiana.

He says David Petraeus, the former U.S. general, was convicted of doing much the same thing that Clinton is apparently walking away from.

Yet the FBI director stated at the Tuesday press conference that the FBI “cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts.”

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