De-Transitioned: Trump Makes the Military Great Again

Following the advice and counsel of military personnel, Trump announced that transgendered individuals will be barred from serving in the United States military. To be direct, this decision should be both a no-brainer and also no big deal.

Men who think that they are women, and vice versa, should not be a point of contention regarding the essential role of government: protecting our rights and securing the border. The latest estimate I read pegged about 250 people in the armed forces who identify as “Transgender.” Yet there is so much to this decision that I fear the reading public will miss.

First of all, barely two weeks ago Republicans erupted over the failure of a National Defense Authorization Act Amendment to bar military funding for transgender operations. Seriously, this commonsense reform failed by four votes, and included four Republican lawmakers from California, all of whom are playing to the center to avoid any hint of controversy.

That move failed big time. Polling across the country has confirmed widespread support for removing left-wing social engineering from the military. Lawmakers are still acting as though President Obama is in power, or they are desperate to avoid controversy on key votes, to do anything possible to avoid a sentient of discrimination or opposition to anyone. Wake up!

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Let’s state the facts plainly. Transgenderism is not a civil right, nor an alternative form of self-expression. It’s a mental disorder based on an ideology which undermines the foundations of our culture, of any society. More gender studies, based in biological research as opposed to social justice sentiment, confirm that the sexual characteristics of male and female are immutable.

Taking a knife to one’s private parts or shoving plastic bags into one’s chest will not turn a man into a woman. Besides, service in our nation’s military depends on well-grounded, sane men and women who are committed to the greater good of protecting our country and ensuring the safety of their fellow officers.

In short, I adhere fully to retired Governor Mike Huckabee’s take on the military: it’s not a social experiment. “The purpose of the military is to kill people and break things.”


But this de-transitioning of the transgender agenda in our armed forces exemplifies more victories than are readily apparent:co

  1. The Obama Administration’s perverse, anti-family legacy has lost another leg.
  2. President Trump is asserting himself as the clear, unequivocal Chief of the Armed Forces. Despite the media’s desperate efforts to turn all cameras and direct journalists to foment more slow-boil frustration between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the President, Trump is carrying out his responsibilities on behalf of the American people.
  3. He gives hope to the conservative base that elected him in November. Yes, Trump is carrying through on his Make America Great Again agenda to do right for our country, including our military. He did not take care of this issue right away. Some pro-family websites issued press releases and eblasts indicating that Trump was walking back on a commitment to end the practice of recruiting and enabling transgender members in the military. All of those concerns are now gone. Let’s look forward to Trump taking on lawless trade imbalances, the heinous Iran deal, DACA, and other outstanding unfulfilled promises very soon despite the delays.
  4. Trump has bolstered his credentials with the Christian conservatives who slowly but finally sided with him last November. Let’s not forget that at one event Trump brandished an “LGBT for Trump” rainbow flag, then announced his commitment to protect the “LGBT community” at the RNC Convention. I am not a fan of anyone, especially the President of the United States, recognize behaviors as some kind of civil right or another shot in the identity politics battle fought in this country. His decision to bar transgenders from the military removes any fears or concerns I had—however slight they may have been—about his commitment to family values and natural law. He has also confirmed his stance to resist the PC hatemongers among the Left.
  5. Trump has essentially removed a wedge issue for Congressional and US Senate candidates in swing districts, especially purplish ones that lean blue in battleground states like Illinois, Connecticut, and perhaps even California. “What’s your stance on transgenders serving in the military?” Answer: “It doesn’t matter since the President has barred them from serving, and I will allow him to serve as chief of the armed forces.” Granted, four California Republican lawmakers voted against the amendment to bar funding for transition operations in the military. The President, exercising his lawful, unilateral authority has removed the controversy over that bad vote from the political discussion entirely.
  6. This wise move will further distract the regressive Left into another flurry of anti-Trump protests, fundraising, and agitation. This time, though, the diminished left-wing hordes will simply expose how delusional, out-of-touch, and ultimately laughable they have become in their incessant quest for equality for all. I just received a fundraising eblast from US Senator Kamala Harris urging me to stand with transgenders in the military—all 250 of them. Oh, the oppression!
  7. Most importantly, Trump’s order has assured the passage of the next budget which includes crucial funding for the border wall, a signature promise on which Trump based his entire campaign. Conservatives and war hawks intimated privately that they would scuttle the NDAA if funding for transgender surgeries was maintained. Trump’s order makes that funding moot, fulfills the goal sought in the prior amendment, and ensures passage of the latest budget with funding for the wall.

As I wrote before, the news this morning was great, but there was so much more to unpack from it, which makes even better, if not huge! Thank God for Trump, putting America first, working to make American safe again by making our military great again.

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Arthur Schaper
Arthur Christopher Schaper is the Organization Director for MassResistance, the international pro-family group that makes a difference. A blogger, writer, and commentator on topics both timeless and timely; political, cultural, and eternal and life-long Southern California resident, Arthur currently lives in Torrance.

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