The De Facto Indictment of Hillary Clinton

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I find it nearly impossible to believe that any journalist or politician would use the word “exonerate” to describe the FBI director’s announcement that he would not recommend criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton. The word “exonerate” implies a complete clearance or freedom from blame from accusations of wrongdoing. Mrs. Clinton is anything but blameless in having carelessly handled top secret information; she has now in fact proven herself a serial liar, just like her husband.

What FBI Director James Comey presented to the American people during his press conference was in fact a form of indictment, as Hillary was implicated and incriminated of having in her possession documents that were illegal to retain in an insecure manner, her careless intentions notwithstanding. The fact that Mrs. Clinton is considered too big to prosecute does not relieve America from arriving at the conclusion she has proven herself completely incompetent and incredibly dishonest in handling state secrets and foreign affairs.

The facts in this case are, despite her numerous denials to the contrary, that she did send and receive both top secret and classified emails. She did use more than one device in the process. She did withhold emails that were incriminating, even after she had her lawyers scrub her devices in an attempt to prevent data recovery from the devices. Further, she used these devices on a server that offered less protection than the general public uses and she used them in foreign locations where our adversaries were sure to be eavesdropping. How dare anyone claim that Mr. Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton?

This scandal involving the transmission of top secret and classified information on her unprotected, unapproved devices is only half the story. The rest of the story has to do with Mrs. Clinton selling access to foreign interests who paid millions into the Clinton Foundation in order to gain favors through the office of the secretary of state. The question that many of us want answered is whether there was evidence of bribery and influence peddling in the tens of thousands of emails recovered and/or the tens of thousands more emails that were deleted by Mrs. Clinton that she claimed were personal in nature?

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Equally troubling is the fact that the investigation of this email scandal took place over the course of a full year during which numerous people on Mrs. Clinton’s staff pleaded the Fifth Amendment in order to avoid incriminating themselves for their role in this national security scandal. Yet the FBI, after interviewing Mrs. Clinton on July 2 for a mere three hours, took just three days to compare and contrast all the evidence and testimony they had gathered during the course of the investigation? And, just like that, they make a decision to not pursue criminal charges against anyone involved?

Mrs. Clinton was both sending and receiving emails to her staff and who knows who else (Sidney Blumenthal perhaps?), which were illegal for them to see. Moreover, which staff members went into the security vault in order to retrieve the documents that were never to leave the room, in order to get them on her private server? Was Mrs. Clinton required to inform the FBI why so many of her underlings were pleading the Fifth Amendment?

Hillary and Bill Clinton are sociopaths. Scandals have followed them their entire political careers, leaving in the wake people with destroyed reputations and shattered lives. I don’t want to see either of them return to the White House, because what they have done to the people in their inner circle they are in fact doing to our entire country. They are not just corrupting people; they have corrupted America.

First published at the Santa Barbara News-Press

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