What the ‘Day of Silence’ is Costing American Youth

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Where are the hearts of the fathers as children are deceived?

“This is a test. This is only a test. Had this been a real child-endangering emergency, where children are taught to hate Christians, embrace sodomy and praise sexual anarchy, you would be alerted through the Emergency Broadcast System for Responsible Parents. Then you could act to save your kids!”

And of course, America’s conservative parents would do that…wouldn’t they?

Well, these atrocities are already happening, perhaps indeed as a test from our Creator, and it looks like a grade of “F” looms as a strong possibility. What’s it going to take for the grown-ups in our nation to draw a line in the sand about child corruption?

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Recent developments should have every Mom and Dad on high alert. Not only are openly homosexual boys are now welcomed into the Boy Scouts of America and “gay” adult men will probably soon be embraced as troop leaders, but we just observed another year of one staged homosexual school event after another. And the school term is not over yet.

Only the most obtuse will miss what homosexual advocates are doing: aggressively defying all the usual child protection boundaries and daring parents to stop them.

The takeover of youth culture in schools is led by advocate teachers, principals and outside allies who claim “LGBTQ” identities are churning within the hearts of closeted adolescents. “Please understand my reason for not speaking today,“ reads the placard of student participants in the “Day of Silence,“ a supposedly student-led annual event in April (held on April 11 this year) which protests the silencing and bullying of “LGBT” people. Thousands of students nationwide now participate, claims the event sponsor, the radical child-targeting group GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network).

But these claims strain credulity. It’s not “student-led,” but driven by adults manipulating kids to become cheerleaders for the homosexual cause. Kids are impressionable and can be misled through persistent indoctrination. And the “Day of Silence” is not about bullying, which school officials can punish without endorsing these lifestyles. No, it’s about victim-posturing, propaganda and the willingness of schools to go along with the end result, which is the endorsement of perversion.

The “Day of Silence” also tramples on the rights of others. It’s the “right” of some boys to use the girl’s restroom, it’s fine to treat Christian students like outcasts, and homosexual behavior is a “civil right” despite its high-risk nature. In other words, lies are permissible for the greater good of “social justice.”

It’s astonishing how much anti-Christian, anti-morality bullying can be justified in the name of “preventing bullying.” Just talk to any student or teacher who dares to challenge the “Day of Silence” or any of the other pro-“gay” events now held in schools, like “Ally Week“ and “Spirit Day” , both held in October, and Harvey Milk Day (May 22 in California). “No Name-Calling Week” in January is another effort by GLSEN to capture the “anti-bullying” platform, but if it weren’t for the need to promote homosexuality, GLSEN would have no interest in the bullying problem.

And ”no name-calling”? Really? What conservative Christian has GLSEN ever defended? No, respect is missing unless you toe the line and embrace the deviance.

And then there are the off-campus “gay” events promoted at school to students, like the jaw-dropping “Prideworks” held each year in Westchester County, NY, sponsored by GLSEN and PFLAG ( Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). Workshops for students as young as middle school (some arriving on school busses) have included “Bisexuality Explored,” “Drag U,” “Gender May Vary,” and “What is Queer?”

What other group promoting child corruption has access to youth in this way?

The anti-bullying fervor is deployed to launch pro-homosexual programs in schools that convey false ideas, like “gay” is always good; it’s an inborn identity; it’s a civil right like race; there’s no elevated health risk compared to heterosexuality; the “religious right” hates all homosexuals; their beliefs cause bullying; and those who object to any of this want “gay” kids to commit suicide.

It’s more than ironic when homosexuals claim to be oppressed in today’s America where people are losing jobs, being sued, closing businesses, paying fines and enduring death threats as a result of the actions of this “silenced” minority.

The mask is off and school administrators and teachers openly push students as young as sixth grade toward the “Day of Silence” and its anything-but-silent homosexual advocacy. Here’s the sympathetic newspaper account of the April 2014 event at one Long Island middle school:

“It’s about 2:10 p.m. and scores of middle school students gather in silence in the Jericho Middle School library. ‘Don’t talk! Don’t talk until after the scream,’ teacher Elisa Waters reminds the sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders as they file in and form a circle. Then, on the command of Waters – and in the presence of the school principal – the kids let out a raucous scream that goes on and on. The cacophonous outburst marks the grand finale of what for these kids was a voluntary day of silence – more than 130 of Jericho’s 650-plus sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders vowed not to talk at all during the school day on Wednesday. The nationwide Day of Silence is a way students across the country show support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people who sometimes feel they don’t have a voice.”

Homosexuals don’t have a voice? What rock are these people living under? The Pink Mafia is bulldozing not just schools, but workplaces and churches, while choking off the truth in the mainstream media.

But school propaganda like the Day of Silence isn’t happening without some push-back. There’s the Day of Silence Walk-out Coalition, with a slate of conservative groups as members, urging parents to keep kids home on the designated day in April.

In Washington State, two parents told a local paper they kept their middle school daughters home after the students were pressured at school to participate in the Day of Silence. Tellingly, the parents preferred to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation against their children. Who exactly is being “silenced” here?

In Oregon, one dad was concerned about a school- wide anti-bullying assembly planned for the same day as the Day of Silence, and links to the group GLSEN were included in an email sent to parents, implying endorsement of its agenda. The dad wanted the links removed, but the principal refused. And this was, again, in a middle school. GLSEN is slowly achieving its goal to penetrate all-age schools, kindergarten through grade 12, with a totally pro-“gay” message.

If the idea of eight- year- olds identified as “gay” horrifies you, you’ll soon be told the problem is with you, not such programs. Where is George Orwell when we need him?

And several students at an Oregon high school wore T-shirts to school on the 2014 Day of Silence saying “Gay Day is Not OK.” There were reports that an administrator asked them to turn the shirts inside out.

The sexual anarchists are surprisingly successful at normalizing gender-bending in U.S. schools as well. Those who expected sex change to be that “bridge too far” are sadly disappointed as many school communities take the bizarre in stride. Girls are elected homecoming kings, and the bathroom environment is no longer a place of privacy. At Yosemite High School in California, a 20- year veteran male science teacher announced plans to return from spring break as a woman. His students are offered counseling to deal with the changes as Gary Sconce transforms into Karen Scot.

If any of this seems outrageous to you and you would like to preserve your right to object without being called a bigoted hatemonger, it’s time to speak up. Better yet, get your kids out of these schools.

They only have one childhood, and brainwashing lasts a long time.

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