Davis Accused of Tampering with Marriage Licenses

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CBN News — Kentucky clerk Kim Davis could be heading to court again, this time for altering same-sex marriage licenses.

After spending five days in jail for refusing to issue them altogether, the Rowan County clerk went back to work, but is giving out altered licenses.

Instead of having her name, the documents say they were issued “under the authority of the federal court.”

Now lawyers for four couples are questioning the validity of those changes and asking a federal judge to order Davis’ office to reissue them.

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“The adulterated marriage licenses received by Rowan County couples will effectively feature a stamp of animus against the LGBT community, signaling that, in Rowan County, the government’s position is that LGBT couples are second-class citizens unworthy of official recognition and authorization of their marriage licenses but for this Court’s intervention and Order,” the couples’ lawyers wrote in a court filing.

But Davis’ attorney, Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver, disagreed.

“Kim Davis has made a good-faith effort to comply with the court’s order,” Staver said. “The ACLU’s motion to again hold Kim Davis in contempt reveals that their interest is not the license but rather a marriage license bearing the name of Kim Davis. They want her scalp to hang on the wall as a trophy.”

Report via CBN News

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