Darren Wilson Cleared By Grand Jury: Rudy, You’re Needed At Ground Zero Again

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By Donald Joy

ClashDaily — The grand jury has found that there is no probable cause to charge white police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown, a gargantuan, drugged-out gangsta-rap thug who recorded violent rap songs about killing white cops.

The grand jury was comp0sed of six white men, three white women, two black women, and one black man.  Nine of the twelve jurors would have had to vote to indict Wilson, for him to be charged with first degree murder, second degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, or involuntary manslaughter.

From the early stages of this case it was pretty clear that the evidence was heavily in Officer Darren Wilson’s favor, despite the way crack squads of professional race-agitators immediately swooped down onto the scene and helped coach various alleged “eyewitnesses” in concocting their absurd stories, accusing Wilson of having gunned the supposedly harmless “gentle giant” Brown down in cold blood.

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Fortunately, based on information which leaked out of the proceedings in recent weeks, sufficient numbers of other, more credible eyewitnesses also testified to the grand jury, and their firsthand accounts corroborated Wilson’s version of the incident.  According to reports, at least eight other black eyewitnesses miraculously broke the “no snitching” rule and gave accounts which contradicted the shifting stories of the more dubious, media-posturing figures such as Piaget Crenshaw, Tiffany Mitchell, and Brown’s robbery accomplice, proven liar Dorian Johnson.

In the days following the shooting, the public was treated to surveillance video from a nearby convenience store showing Michael Brown being anything but harmless and gentle toward the hapless store clerk as Brown plainly committed strong-armed robbery of the store.  Manhandling and battering the clerk around, and clearly threatening him with even worse physical violence, Brown showed us all that he was in fact the aggressive, menacing criminal who caused his own demise at the hands of the 28-year-old street cop, Darren Wilson, who wound up with no other option but to defend himself with lethal force.

Wilson himself testified at length before the grand jury, and we were informed by those same leaked reports that his account was supported by the overwhelming abundance of forensic evidence.

Those arguing that Wilson “murdered” Brown say that Wilson shot Brown as Brown allegedly tried to surrender, with his hands in the air.  The grand jury didn’t believe that story.  They weighed what was presented to them, and found that there was nothing which compelled nine of them to find probable cause that Darren Wilson committed murder or manslaughter.

Situations like this are why the individual states have National Guard troops.  When the President of our entire country and his Attorney General deliberately seek to foment civil unrest and racial violence to fuel their political agenda, armed and trained volunteers are needed to stand in the breach.

Situations like this are also, as former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani so sensationally pointed out in a recent heated debate against professional race-hustler Michael Eric Dyson on MSNBC, why so many white cops are needed to patrol black neighborhoods:  Not only are far too many in the black community violent, murderous criminals, too many black denizens of such communities refuse to honestly interact with the police in the cases of countless gang slayings, robberies, and other crimes plaguing their milieu, strictly observing the “no snitching” rule of the black ghetto, and helping to cover for criminals against the efforts of law enforcement.

All of that is in the context of the endless screams and complaints from loudmouthed black grievance-hustlers and their white liberal abettors decrying the relative dearth of black cops among the overwhelmingly white ranks of some police departments such as Ferguson’s.  Yet no matter how hard many police departments try to recruit blacks to join them, the pronounced attitude among the prevailing black subculture is one of depraved hostility toward the profession, and largely toward the kind of law and order which is derisively seen as “acting white” (as opposed to “keeping it real”).  Not only is it often difficult to find eager, qualified black applicants for the job of police work, those who are successfully hired are in many cases done so only because standards were lowered or abandoned in order to achieve the “diversity” so obsessively desired by those of the politically correct mindset.

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