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[For my column today I’m turning the podium over to someone who is part of my social network. Recently he shared some of his experiences and work with me. It contained thoughts that I think might be of interest to my readers, as they were to me. They lead the mind to ponder the fact that, unless the eyes of the spirit are open, the true import of events cannot be understood. We must be willing to consider what God would have us see. This, despite all the world’s contempt for the things of the Spirit of God, which are foolishness to the worldly wise. (1 Corinthians 2:14) My guest’s name is Tom Green, a Christian writer and poet. If you would like to get in touch with Tom just let me know at]

On September 8, 2001 I was attending a Christian Businessmen’s meeting. After reading Amos 6: 1-6 I penned the following and shared it with two eyewitnesses at that meeting. Three days later the 9-11 attacks on our nation took place. Here is what I wrote in advance of 9-11. It is titled “No Vacancy”.

No Vacancy

…There used to be no vacancy

When zeal for God yet burned

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…But entered in complacency

…Few hearts for God now yearn

…We fill our inner passages

…With much of worldly fare

…Along with evil’s images

…Grown harder now to care

…Before the smoldering wick shall fail

…God’s Spirit blows again

…To fan a flame that shall prevail

…And vanquish growing sin

…Pain shall be the instrument

…The Lord shall use to cut

…This last resort of implements

…For His people in their rut

…Many hearts His love will pierce…From God’s great jealousy

…Because His love’s intensely fierce

…His church must be set free.

Tom Green Copyright (c) September 8, 2001

I took this poem to The Billy Graham Museum the day after 9-11 to share it with a woman I knew who worked there and who liked my writings. As we were speaking she said the following:

“By the way, Tom, do you realize that a lot of people are talking about the fact that these attacks occurred on 9-11 or 911, like the emergency number?”

Suddenly the hair on my neck stood on end. I replied,

“Wait a minute. I wrote something years ago.”

Her words had caused me to remember a poem I had written some 6-8 years prior to 9-11. The day I wrote it I thought it was stupid. I didn’t bother to date it and I generally date my poetry with consistency. I then saw it a second time in June of 2001 when I was preparing nearly 500 poems for my first copyright. I told my wife to discard this poem I had titled “I’m Calling God”. She insisted I keep it and is my sole eyewitness to its existence prior to 9-11. This is what I had written:

Calling God on 911

I’m Calling God on 911

…With an emergency

…The church is filled with sleeping people

…Who’ve chosen not to see

…The world around is growing dark

…The lights that shine are few

…To a carnal voice we seem to hark

…God, Your fire must renew

…Oh burn Your love into our lives

…And wash away our sin.

…Show us the power You can give,

…If we’ll just let You in

…Let Jesus walk upon the land

…Using your hands and feet

…It’s time for you to take a stand

…For soon the Lord you’ll meet

…Revival time is coming

…An earthquake is certainly near

…Hear the beat of the Spirit’s drumming

…The call to march is here.

Tom Green Copyright (c) 2001

I started sharing these poems with various ministries and individuals in Chicagoland at the time. Then in December I and my family moved to the Springfield, Mo. area for me to attend bible college. Soon after the finances took a nose dive and school fell by the wayside. The real estate career in which we’d been engaged for many years proved less than profitable here. Anyway, soon after arriving we found our footsteps being led to Branson, Mo. We became involved in a theater based church.

In March of 2002 I decided to pull samples from my copyrighted work to show my new pastor. When I saw the words to “America’s Shame”, a poem I had written in May of 1995 while contemplating ‘Gay Pride’ parades, I nearly fell out of my chair. I am not a basher, trust me, and I have a great deal of understanding in this area.

Parade of Shame

America’s Shame

…Parades upon her streets

…We seek to blame

…Why we see such defeat

…Of values that for long we held

…Too easily thrown away

…we think that it’s the way to meld

…Society now more frayed

…The glue that should be binding

…The truth we once revered

…We hide from its reminding

…In darkness we now steer

…Rushing not to offend

…We offend who really matters

…His grace we overspend

…Soon peace He brings will shatter

…He’ll let us have our way,

…Though it leads but to death

…We’ll be our own self’s prey

…To draw but bitter breath

…In a land we think devoid of truth

…Just opinions that we hold

…To reject the God we knew in youth

…Worth more than all our gold.

Tom Green Copyright (c) May 1995

Also consider a rare phenomenon in my family. I have two older brothers who share a common birthday but two years apart. Their common birthday is 9-11. You will find these and other poems I have written in a book titled ‘Not For Pew Warmers’. It is published by Tate Publishing of Oklahoma and is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other venues. If what I have shared with you has touched you, let me know.

Be blessed in Jesus,

Tom Green

Mosaic Arts

‘Artistry Serving Jesus’

Springfield, Mo.

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