The Culture’s Growing Acceptance of ‘Same-Sex Marriage’

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Recently, an evangelical mega-charity announced they were going to accept individuals in same-sex “marriages” as employees. Thankfully, opposition against this from within the Christian community was quick.

The firestorm helped the charity to return to its senses and change back.

But why make that mistake in the first place?

It shows how widespread in Western society same-sex “marriage” has become.

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Much of America, including corporate America, has embraced a couple of key lies about the homosexual movement.

First, they are born that way. Second, they cannot change. Therefore, to oppose homosexual acts and even same-sex marriage is a new form of bigotry.

Furthermore, recognizing the rights of same-sex couples to marry each other is simply the next wave of the civil rights movement.

The niece of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wouldn’t agree with that. I have interviewed her, Dr. Alveda King, on different occasions.

She once told me: “Dr. Martin Luther King’s daughter, Reverend Bernice King, marched with her Bishop, Bishop Eddie Long in Atlanta late in 2004. And the theme of their march was marriage between a man and a woman and that gay rights and gay marriage was not included in the civil rights movement. Bernice said in her own words, ‘I know deep within my sanctified soul that my father did not take a bullet for same-sex marriage.’”

Is it bigotry, is it lack of true tolerance, to oppose same-sex marriage?

For the record, Christianity gave birth to true tolerance. It is Jesus who first said, “Treat others as you would have them treat you” (Matthew 7:12).

Jesus also said that marriage is, and has been from the beginning of creation, only between a man and a woman (Matthew 19). It is not up to us to redefine marriage. Jesus also condemned pornea in Mark 7 — that is, sexual sin as a 1st century Jew would understand it, including homosexuality.

Jesus commissioned the apostles, including Paul, to write Scripture. In Romans 1 and 1 Corinthians 6, homosexual acts are clearly condemned. Jude 7 says Sodom was destroyed because of sexual sin. If you hold to the authority of the Bible, there is no debate on this.

But this culture—including Hollywood, leading politicians, the judges, virtually all of academia, much of corporate America, and even some churches—actively promote and accept homosexuality. It is chic and in. The natural and emotional consequences of it are suppressed and withheld. So it’s just an alternative lifestyle. I like vanilla, you like chocolate. Who cares?

However, the culture’s current embrace of this doesn’t change the witness of the Word of God on these things. Let God be true and every man a liar.

The homosexual POV has been allowed to flourish in the schools, so now there are millions of young people, even church-goers, who are brainwashed to think that gays are born that way and they can’t change. Therefore, to not allow them to marry each other is bigotry pure and simple.

The good news—which is often suppressed in this culture—is that people can and often do change. Christ’s gospel transforms sinners of all kinds, including homosexuals. That does not mean temptations will necessarily go away. But if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

I personally have interviewed dozens of former homosexuals. One of them told me: “I thought this was the way that I was born, and I’ll never get out of this. And I’m stuck this way for the rest of my life, and I hated it. And there’s no point in living.” But Jesus freed him, gave him a new heart, and a reason for living. Today, he even has a wife and children. has affiliated chapters all over the country helping people who are struggling with this issue. I recently interviewed Anne Paulk, the executive director, who told me: “[God’s] sexual ethics haven’t changed, but our view of them may [have]…”

As Christians we must love our neighbor, whatever may be his or her sexual choices. But it doesn’t follow from there that we must cave in on core principles, as that charity almost did.

We must speak the truth in love, but as George Orwell said, “In a time of universal deceit—telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

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Jerry Newcombe, D.Min., is an on-air host/senior producer for D. James Kennedy Ministries. He has written/co-written 28 books, e.g., The Unstoppable Jesus Christ, Doubting Thomas (w/ Mark Beliles, on Jefferson), and What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? (w/ D. James Kennedy) & the bestseller, George Washington's Sacred Fire (w/ Peter Lillback).

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