‘Culture of Sex, Violence’ Complicit in UC Santa Barbara Rampage

CBN News — Nearly everyone who was wounded in last week’s shooting rampage in Santa Barbara, California, are now out of the the hospital.

On Monday night, University of California students honored those who died in the massacre.

“Walking down the streets of Isla Vista or grabbing a sandwich from a deli shop, really it’s a blessing,” one University of California, Santa Barbara alumnus said at a vigil. “It really makes me feel grateful just to be doing the simplest things because you never know what can happen and you never know when those things that you enjoy so much doing can be taken away from you.”

Meanwhile, police continue to investigate 22-year-old Elliot Rodger, the alleged gunman in Friday’s shooting spree.

The attack spanned about 10 minutes and included 12 crime scenes. Thirteen people were injured, three were shot dead, and three were stabbed to death inside Rodger’s apartment.

Rodger outlined his deadly plot in a 137-page manifesto sent to family, friends, and his therapist. Authorities say he was obsessed with exacting “retribution” for social and sexual isolation.

Reportedly, his parents desperately tried to find him after receiving the document, but it was too late.

Meanwhile, Rev. David Guzik, a California college pastor, said America’s worship of sex and violence is partially responsible for Rodger’s killing spree.

Guzik said the massacre shows that “the idols of our culture work destruction in the lives of troubled people.”

He said that America needs Jesus or “it will be given over to the sex cults and the death cults,” which he says drive people to do terrible things.

Report and video via CBN News

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