Cruz Should Prevail

After the last debate, Sen. Ted Cruz hit the nail on the head after turning in the best debate performance: Americans must unify, fight our enemies to win, and solve problems at home, or face unspeakable devastation. That is the brutal truth staring us right in the face.

That truth demands an answer to a straightforward question: Which candidate is a true statesman, able to unify this country?

A huge part of the answer to that question involves selecting the person most capable of articulating an inspiring message that most people can eventually support.

Other considerations involved: which candidate has the education, intelligence, experience, stamina, consistency, character, integrity, and leadership talent required to carry that message and unify the country?

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Historically, in times of greatest crisis, inspiring, unifying leaders have appeared: think Washington, Lincoln, FDR, JFK, Reagan. The current administration has delivered unprecedented crises.  No matter where you look, America is in decline, primarily because leadership is morally and intellectually bankrupt, having forsaken our Founding principles.

So which candidate is most aligned with our Founding principles? Which one is most like Reagan or Washington or Lincoln or JFK?  Which person cherishes liberty in a way that inspires a majority?  Which candidate stands on principle before party, patriotism before partisanship?  Which one is tough enough to see it through, smart enough to adapt when necessary, and who can most effectively debate and defeat Hillary Clinton?

Which candidate is most feared by Communists and Jihadis alike?  Which one will restore liberty and justice for all?  Which candidate can fire up the Hispanic and evangelical vote like no other?  And which individual shows both appropriate restraint, and genuine concern for the public good?   Which candidate is the selfless public servant most trusted to keep promises? Which one has the best plan to achieve economic revitalization?

Ted Cruz is far and away the most intelligent, the most educated, the most articulate and the most closely aligned with the Founders’ vision.   He has demonstrated integrity and consistency even in the face of the most vicious attacks from all sides.  No adversary can cross rhetorical swords with him and prevail, and no enemy, foreign or domestic, will find sanctuary with Cruz in the White House.

Don’t take our word for it. Consider the words of leading Democrats, Alan Dershowitz and James Carville.  Dershowitz was Cruz’s law professor. Carville ran Bill Clinton’s campaigns.  Dershowitz calls him “off-the-charts brilliant.”   Carville describes Cruz as “the most talented and fearless Republican politician I’ve seen in the last 30 years.”

After the huge groundswell of support in Iowa, Cruz now enjoys increased support, politically and financially. His list of endorsements, already impressive, is growing as well.  Recently, the following came out to support him:  Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, James Dobson,  and Richard Viguerie, a conservative leader who shares this word about Cruz vs. Trump:  “Cruz is the only candidate who can unite the GOP.”

It is clear which candidate stands as the individual most likely to succeed as the nominee, and as President.

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