Crucial Differences Between Marxism and Capitalism

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What is the difference between Marxism — or Communism — and Capitalism? We hear these terms, but what do they really mean and where are the significant differences?

Mat Staver: We hear these phrases, Capitalism, and today some people often use that in a very negative or pejorative way. They try to talk about the top 1% and that Capitalism is evil and responsible for all the evils in our society. And we hear this discussion of Communism and Marxism and to some it seems as if this is the new wave, at least for some of the younger generation. What is the difference between these two?

There is a certain sentence that comes from  Karl Marx that I think begins to understand the real issues behind Marxism or Communism.

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Matt Barber: Karl Marx popularized the famous slogan first used by Louis Blanc in 1851. Millennials, incidentally Mat, are really buying into this whole idea of Marxism, of Communism … is en vogue. Well what does it mean? Well this one sentence sums it up: “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” So in other words, redistributionism. Redistribution of wealth is at the heart of Communism.

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