Criminal Complaint Being Prepared Against Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Jerome Corsi has long been a pain in the side of Democrats.

The author and political commentator was one of the loudest birthers, questioning the birthplace of Barack Obama during his entire 8-years of White House occupancy.

Corsi is also known for his political conspiracy theories, one of which claimed that America’s Democrats supported Iran in their development of nuclear weapons.

Evidently, Corsi was summoned before and questioned by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team because of his contacts with former Trump adviser Roger Stone.

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Corsi, with the legal aid of Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, has claimed the Mueller and his team tried to get him to lie under oath, which is prompting him to file a criminal complaint against Mueller and his team.

The Hill – Corsi finalizing criminal complaint against Mueller –  Attorneys for conspiracy theorist and conservative author Jerome Corsi are preparing to file a criminal complaint against special counsel Robert Mueller.

Larry Klayman, the founder of the conservative watchdogs Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch who joined Corsi’s legal team this week, told The Hill on Thursday that the document will claim that the special counsel and his team were asking Corsi to lie and commit other criminal violations like witness tampering.

He also said that the complaint could be filed as soon as Thursday or Friday, and would be lodged with Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker, the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility and the department’s inspector general.

When asked what lie the special counsel had asked Corsi to make, Klayman declined to provide further details, but pointed to Corsi’s statements claiming that he did not willfully mislead federal investigators during his questioning…

Considering the shady start of the appointment of Mueller as Special Counsel, a criminal complaint against Mueller does not surprise me.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein chose Mueller, a loyal Obama supporter, to be the Special Counsel to investigate the allegations against Donald Trump and his campaign.

Rosenstein got his start when then FBI Director Robert Mueller hired him, ergo – the connection between Rosenstein and Mueller.

Legally, Mueller should have recused himself due to his loyalty of Obama and the allegations that he covered up the initial FBI investigation into the illegal and criminal acts involved in the Uranium One Deal with Russia.



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