Covenant Journey Israel Tours Change the Lives of College Students

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Covenant Journey, a tour of Israel, is impacting Christian college students with a life-changing experience.

Mat Staver: Holly, we were on a Covenant Journey trip and this was your first time to visit Israel…it’s hard to literally say in a response what this trip is like. People often ask what was your favorite spot? What was your favorite event? What was your favorite place?

And it’s really hard to encapsulate that because it is a 24/7 experience in Israel, visiting the biblical and spiritual sites, seeing all different facets of Israel. From the economics, to the business and technology, to a real Holocaust survivor, and much much more. And then experiencing also, the spiritual thirst among these Christian college students, leaders from all over the country.

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This is an amazing program and I know it is life-changing for so many people.

Holly Meade: Oh absolutely. You really can’t put it into words. When you experience it you think “Oh…I’ve always wanted to go to Israel” and you talk to all the people who [went] to Israel. But when you actually experience this…

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