Covenant Journey: Life-Changing Opportunity for College Students

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Covenant Journey is a life-changing opportunity. Frankly, it’s a life-changing experience for Christian college students. The ministry that Liberty Counsel launched a couple of years ago and now, there are over 500 students who have participated from over 150 colleges and universities. It literally is transforming the lives of these young Christian leaders.

With me is Cindy Matthews. She is the Director of External Affairs for Covenant Journey and for Liberty Counsel.

Mat Staver: Cindy, we just recently visited some of the alumni at one of the schools. We have 150+ schools and colleges that have participated. This one was at Pensacola Christian College in Florida, and we got a chance to visit students who had been on the trips all the way from the first trip until the most recent. And it’s exciting to see how the Lord is impacting the lives of these young Christian leaders.

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Cindy: That’s true. It was really a blessed day with many sweet memories as we stood around sharing a life-changing experience. And I think one of the takeaways that I came away with was…

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