Court of the Judiciary Violated the Clear Rule of Law

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The Court of the Judiciary in Alabama violated the clear rule of law when they suspended, frankly removed, Chief Justice Roy Moore from the bench for the rest of his judicial career. We are appealing that case. We are seeking justice. But we have a very special guest to talk about this specific issue. Chief Justice Roy Moore on Faith and Freedom….welcome Chief Justice.

CJ Roy Moore: Thank-you Mr. Staver…I appreciate you having me on your program.

Mat Staver: Chief Justice Moore, we’ve been talking about this situation, about your four page administrative order, and it’s very easy for anyone to read. In that order, of January 6, 2016, that you issued. Which is, the best way to describe it, a status report — a status of the pending case. That is the essence of the charge against you, that ultimately they based their opinion on to remove you.

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Now the astounding thing is this — and two months ago the Court of the Judiciary had before it a judge who had sent naked pictures of his genitalia — excuse me for the language, but, that’s what he did. He sent…

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